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New Part Numbers Available For Standard And Intermotor Brands

A total of 1,597 new part numbers have been added year-to-date, the company said.
LONG ISLAND CITY, N.Y. – Standard Motor Products (SMP) has announced the addition of 511 new part numbers to its Standard and Intermotor engine management product lines during the month of June. This makes a total of 1,597 new part numbers year-to-date, the company said.
“We’re introducing new part numbers to our Standard and Intermotor engine management lines every month to further increase our already extensive product offering,” said Phil Hutchens, senior director of marketing for SMP. “The addition of these new numbers shows our continued commitment to meeting our customers’ needs.”
The following is a sampling of the expanded product categories:
•Idle air control valve
•Air pump (new)
•ABS speed sensor
•MAP sensor
•Air charge temperature sensor
•Trunk ajar switch
•Door jamb switch
•A/C ambient air temp sensor
•Air charge temperature sensor
•Heater core temperature sensor
•Combination switch, headlight dimmer switch, headlight switch, turn signal switch
•Cruise control switch
•Canister purge solenoid
•Camshaft synchronizer
•Clock spring
•Rear window defogger switch
•Door lock kit
•Power door lock actuator
•Power window switch
•Instrument panel dimmer switch
•Heated seat switch

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