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Injectronic Launches CJTalk Speaking Scan Tool

This new scan tool from Injectronic provides audio and digital DTC information to technicians and consumers.
EL PASO, Texas – The new CJTalk from Injectronic is the first talking OBDII scan tool, according to the company. It both speaks codes and captures Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) as a bitmapped graphic file, viewable live via USB connection on a desktop or laptop PC or saved for later use. The unit works across ISOs, CAN, J1850PWM and VPW protocols with future software updates available over Internet.
"The CJTalk bridges the professional/consumer gap," said Injectronic's President Hector Nunez. "It allows a consumer with little or no training to provide their professional technician with accurate, meaningful diagnostic information."
The economical, intuitive unit does not have a display or keypad, which the company says keeps costs down while making it easier to "plug and play." Instead, the CJTalk features color-coded LEDs, providing simple, clear readiness and cycle verification. Using the included headset, the user will hear a clear list of DTCs. Data is stored on an internal flash memory card. The unit also can clear DTCs at the flip of a switch.
With a CJTalk, a consumer whose vehicle has a "check engine" MIL light can call from the road or visit a service station and give the service writer a description of the problem along with exact DTC codes. According to Injectronic, a customer who is involved in giving the service provider a DTC may tend to be more trusting of a shop's diagnosis and repair.
Injectronic, based in El Paso, Texas, designs, manufactures and markets a full line of professional automotive diagnostic equipment. For more information about Injectronic's CJTalk, ask your tool and equipment dealer or go to

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