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Bosch Unveils New Smartphone-Friendly Packaging For Oxygen Sensors

Instant product information is made available upon first-time use of QR codes on the new Bosch Oxygen Sensor packaging.
BROADVIEW, Ill. – Bosch has introduced new packaging for its line of oxygen sensors, building on the growing popularity of smartphone technology. The new packaging includes for the first time QR (Quick Response) codes that can be scanned with a smartphone for immediate product information.
QR codes are becoming increasingly popular on consumer-oriented products. Smartphones loaded with simple, free apps can scan these codes and receive instant access to a product's website.
The QR code on the new Bosch oxygen sensor packaging can be scanned with any smartphone equipped with the appropriate app, and the user will be able to instantly view the Bosch mobile site for oxygen sensors. The site includes details on all types of Bosch oxygen sensors, as well as helpful hints for diagnosing and replacing them. In addition, the user, whether a counter person, professional technician or DIYer, will be able to view a new, informative instructional video that will answer the most common questions relating to oxygen sensor operation, diagnosis and replacement.
The new Bosch oxygen sensor packaging also features a new carbon fiber background to call out the advanced technology and sophistication of Bosch replacement oxygen sensors, which are based on decades of engineering interaction with OE automakers in the U.S., Europe and Asia. The packaging also will incorporate the NASCAR Performance logo, promoting Bosch as the exclusive oxygen sensor of NASCAR.
Bosch offers three different types of automotive oxygen sensors – wideband air/fuel sensors, traditional switching-type premium sensors and premium sensors with Bosch’s patented OE SmartLink connector technology. All three types feature the new packaging.
“Bosch pioneered oxygen sensor technology back in the 1970s,” said Sean Lappin, product manager, engine management products for Bosch. “Our oxygen sensors continue to be the brand of choice for professionals and DIYers, and now, of course, are used in every NASCAR Sprint Cup Series engine as well.
“We continue to offer the oxygen sensors that best meet installers’ needs,” added Lappin. “Bosch wideband airfuel sensors utilize a sophisticated sensing element that produces a precise output in proportion to the air/fuel ratio. Bosch Premium sensors are narrow-band switching sensors designed to perform well in vehicles originally fitted with this type of sensor. And, Bosch premium sensors with OE SmartLink incorporate Bosch’s patented connector system that allows coverage of many popular applications with just a few SKUs.
“We believe this new packaging puts an exciting new face on Bosch oxygen sensors, and showcases what makes them the highest-quality oxygen sensors in the marketplace,” said Lappin.

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