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New Headlight Restoration Kit From Philips Reconditions Lenses To Like-New Condition

A new, advanced formulation improves nighttime vision and safety, and requires no power tools, the company says.
FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. – Philips Automotive Lighting North America has introduced a new Headlight Restoration Kit, designed to bring back headlight clarity for improved nighttime vision and enhanced driving safety. The new kit can restore the clarity of clouded plastic headlight lenses to a like-new condition in less than 30 minutes, the company says.
The kit features advanced coating technology that delivers excellent results with minimal effort and does not require the use of power tools, the company says. It also adds a protective UV coating that can help prevent future clouding for up to two years.
According to Philips, headlamp clouding is a growing problem on vehicles equipped with plastic headlamp lenses, especially as they age. Headlight lenses can become hazed and yellowed from the effects of sunlight, ozone, road pollution and chemicals used in car washes. This clouding reduces headlight output and compromises nighttime vision and driving safety. It also mars the vehicle’s appearance and reduces its value.
As a leading global automotive lighting manufacturer, Philips says it is keenly aware of the critical role that lighting plays in driver vision and overall vehicle safety, so maintaining the maximum usable light on the road is a very important part of that solution.
“Developing an easy and effective way to clear up headlight clouding is as important to drivers as developing new lighting technology. Our new Philips Headlight Restoration Kit does just that. Vehicle owners who restore their headlamp lenses and upgrade their headlight bulbs will dramatically improve their overall vision at night” said Dennis Samfilippo, general manager of Philips Automotive Lighting North America.
The new Philips Headlight Restoration Kit is designed for use by both professionals and do-it-yourselfers to restore lens surfaces in a few easy steps, improving the light output and overall appearance of plastic headlamp assemblies. Shops can use the kit to expand the service potential of their lighting business and help their customers avoid the costly proposition of headlamp lens replacements. The kit also works on taillights, turn signals and reflective lens covers.
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