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Right to Repair Bill Now Law in Massachusetts


BOSTON – Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick signed the Right to Repair bill (HB 4362) into law on Aug. 6.

With the governor’s signature on the Massachusetts Right to Repair legislation, the first-of-its-kind in the country, consumers will now get more convenience and cost savings when it comes to repairing their cars as the new Massachusetts law will serve as a model for other states, the Coalition stated.

“The 120,000-plus consumers who signed the initiative petition and the 50,000 people who sent letters and postcards to their elected officials and thousands of local repairers who led the fight for the Right to Repair legislation all share in this victory today,” said Art Kinsman, spokesman for the Right to Repair campaign.

The Massachusetts Right to Repair Coalition also recognized Rep. Garrett Bradley (D-Hingham) and Sen. John Hart (D-South Boston) for their efforts in championing Right to Repair in the legislature.

The Massachusetts Right to Repair law requires the auto manufacturers to sell the diagnostic and safety information needed to repair customers’ cars to the car owners and local car repair shops, expanding the choices consumers have. Currently, only some information is shared, often limiting consumers to only the car dealerships and making it difficult for neighborhood shops to fully repair customers’ vehicles. The measure takes effect in 45 days.

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