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Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance Announces New Member


Trimon Inc., founded in 1965, is one of the largest independent auto parts suppliers in Northern California.
SAN ANTONIO, Texas — The Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance (The Alliance) announces the addition of Trimon Inc. (dba Superior Auto Parts Warehouse/Monument Car Parts) as a new member of its group, effective Oct. 1. Trimon Inc. is headquartered in Concord, Calif., and joins as the newest Bumper to Bumper shareholder.

Trimon Inc., founded in 1965, is one of the largest independent auto parts suppliers in Northern California, currently operating nine wholesale/retail locations under the names of Superior Auto Parts Warehouse and Monument Car Parts. Trimon Inc. is a family owned and operated business started by Red Monroe and his two sons, Jim and Jack Monroe. Trimon Inc. is owned and operated by Tim Archer, who purchased the family business about 10 years ago.

“Once we began to seriously consider a program group change, it was clear that Bumper to Bumper had distinct advantages in technology and product line support via their shareholder-owned Alliance Parts Warehouse that other groups simply couldn’t match. We need these tools, and others they offer to help us better compete in our market and continue our planned growth,” said Archer.

“We are honored and delighted to announce the addition of Trimon Inc. as our newest Bumper to Bumper shareholder member,” said John Washbish, president and CEO of The Alliance. “Their management team, led by Tim Archer, is young and aggressive and they quickly latched on to our technological initiatives, among other offerings, which will enable them to compete more aggressively in their challenging market while helping them to achieve the profitable growth they desire.”

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