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Bosch Introduces New Long-Life Filter

New filter is built to last up to 10,000 miles and traps 99.5 percent of microscopic pollutants, the company says.
LAS VEGAS – Bosch recently launched a new long-life oil filter, built to last for 10,000 miles on vehicles that use synthetic and semi-synthetic motor oils.
Designed to meet the changing dynamics in the marketplace related to extended oil drain intervals, the Bosch Long Life Oil Filter represents Bosch’s commitment to innovation in the field of automotive filtration, according to Chuck Kerrigan, director, regional business unit, North America.  
Bosch says its new Long Life oil filter is 99.5 percent efficient in capturing microscopic pollutants 40 microns or larger, based on ISO 4548-12. One micron is one-millionth of a meter. Furthermore, these new filters have the capacity to trap 22 grams of dirt – the equivalent of about 52 standard-size paper clips, according to Bosch.
"The new Bosch Long Life Oil Filter features specially-engineered fully synthetic filtration media with enhanced construction and configuration,” said Kerrigan. “This media provides a more complex matrix that particles must navigate so more small particles are captured in the process.”
Furthermore, Bosch’s Long Life Oil Filter media contains wire backing engineered for today’s high-tech engines. The result is a filter that can capture and safely hold more contaminants generated over the extended life of synthetic and semi-synthetic oils without getting clogged, Kerrigan said.
“Bosch Long Life Oil Filter represents yet another step forward in Bosch’s 100-plus year history of enhancing the premium segment of the aftermarket through innovative automotive technology that benefits both the motorist and the industry that serves them,” Kerrigan said.
Bosch Long Life oil filters include 33 part numbers that offer 93 percent coverage for all vehicles in operation (VIO) in the United States. It is only available at participating retailers.

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