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Bosch Expands S6 AGM Battery Offering

Company says the batteries provide high-performance and starting power, high energy capacity and endurance.
LAS VEGAS, Nev. — Today’s vehicles are equipped with more power-robbing accessories than ever before, and demand a battery that delivers top performance and starting power for greater convenience, safety and efficiency, according to Bosch.

AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) technology yields a high-energy capacity battery that has the power to handle a number of demands at once, plus has the endurance to perform at a high level day after day. More and more new vehicles come equipped from the manufacturer with an AGM battery, and an AGM battery must be replaced with an AGM, not with a standard lead acid battery.

“The expanded series of Bosch S6 AGM batteries provides outstanding starting power and performance, meets the rigorous demands of today’s vehicles, and features new technology that maximizes energy capacity to sustain battery life over time. The new and highly advanced technology helps strengthen and maintain the charge pathways for enhanced life,” said Andreas Tobler, product manager, Energy Systems for Bosch.

Bosch S6 AGM batteries offer extended shelf life compared to standard lead acid batteries.

“Bosch 100 percent maintenance-free AGM batteries incorporate the only battery technology approved to be used inside the car, offer a four-year free replacement warranty and come with a free roadside assistance program,” Tobler indicated.

“The Bosch AGM battery series includes 14 flat plate, two spiral wound and eight Pure Lead Flat Plate AGM SKUs.  With the addition of the new AGM SKUs, the Bosch AGM series will provide 55 percent VIO coverage, the largest coverage in the aftermarket for an AGM product line,” Tobler said.

AGM Battery Technology
Inside an AGM battery, lead plates with glass mat separators containing the electrolyte are arranged in a straight line. Because the plates are compressed in rows, the battery has more capacity – it uses all of the surface area inside the container to provide more energy when it’s needed. Plate compression enables longer life for more total energy usage over time.

Bosch AGM battery features include:

•Lasting energy and maximum durability – better performing battery, day after day

•Significantly higher vibration resistance for reduced damage and corrosion

•Fast Recharge – enhanced charge acceptance even under extreme conditions

•Spill proof – non-spillable AGM (absorbed glass mat) construction

•Battery may be oriented on side (inverted not recommended)

•Increased endurance – substantially higher cycling endurance for today’s demanding vehicles

•Engineered and manufactured for greater energy capacity, excellent conductivity and maximum life

“OEMs are increasingly adopting new AGM battery technology, particularly for vehicles equipped with start/stop technology, and industry forecasts predict that by 2014, 25 percent of all automotive starter batteries sold in the aftermarket will be AGM. Bosch S6 AGM batteries will be ready to serve this growing demand,” Tobler said.

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