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Casite Unveils New Packaging And Marketing Materials

Enhanced look is designed to increase visibility to consumers and help distributors and retailers sell more products.

TROY, Mich. – In an effort to increase its visibility to consumers, Casite has redesigned the packaging and branding of its premium line of Motor Honey automotive chemicals.

The new packaging features clear bottles, easy-to-read neck labels, a no mess pull-tab, UV-coated face labels and multi-lingual descriptions. Even the company's familiar Bee mascot, “Buzz,” has been given a new modern look while continuing to be an integral part of Casite’s Motor Honey, Tranny Honey and Power Steering Honey packaging, according to the company.
“Each enhancement of the new packaging has been carefully thought out with the end-user in mind,” said Pedro Tan, business development manager, The Casite Co.
Casite's new packaging also includes a QR code on the neck label that consumers can scan with their smartphones. Vehicle owners who scan the code are directed to a product landing page that includes the features, benefits and usage directions for each product, along with a short informational video.
“The clear bottles we use for the Motor Honey products make it easy for customers to see and trust what they are putting into their engines," said Tan. "While we’ve always stood apart from the competition, from a retailer’s perspective, we made sure our enhanced packaging would make even more of a visual impact on the shelf."
To help support the company's new branding strategy, Casite developed new collateral marketing materials including brochures, videos and trade show graphics. The company will launch its new website later this year.

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