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PIAA Introduces 570 Series LED Driving Lamps

Lamps cast 75,000 candela of light with breakthrough technology, company says.
PORTLAND, Ore. – PIAA Corp. introduces its new 570 Series LED Driving Lamps, designed to meet intense lighting needs by casting 75,000 candela of brilliant cobalt-blue (6000 Kelvin) illumination. According to PIAA, the lamps cast light in a precise, long-range driving pattern, with a 30-degree spread. The PIAA (pronounced pe'-uh) 570 LED Driving Lamps are SAE/DOT compliant and suitable for use on all types of vehicles, including cars, trucks and SUVs.

The PIAA 570 LED lamps feature a computer-designed, highly polished multi-surface reflector. PIAA’s use of advanced Reflector Facing Technology (RFT) allows the rearward-facing LED bulbs to project off the finely tuned reflector for a precise beam pattern, which leads to improved long-range sighting and visibility during nighttime driving, the company says. PIAA states that it is the first and only manufacturer in the automotive lighting industry to offer lamps utilizing RFT.
“RFT is a major breakthrough in LED lamp technology," said Rodger Wagner, executive vice president for PIAA. "It promotes better beam control, greater output and improved lighting range, compared to ordinary forward-facing LED lamps and light bars.”
The PIAA 570 LED lamps include an 8-watt controller that boosts the output of each five-watt bulb to nine watts. Each lamp has two LED bulbs for a total output of 18 watts per lamp. For two lamps, the total draw at 12 volts is only 3 amps.
Wagner says, “The advanced design of the 570 Series offers greater brilliance and illumination with fewer LED bulbs. That, in turn, results in two more major lighting advantages — less heat and lower power consumption.”
Wagner also noted that, compared to halogen and HID bulbs, the LED bulbs in the 570 Series lamps offer greater longevity — providing still another benefit for vehicle owners.
The PIAA 570 LED lamps are also durable, the company says. The lamps feature a polycarbonate and cast aluminum housing and seven-inch polycarbonate lens. The overall diameter of the lens is 7-3/16 inches; depth is 4¼ inches. The lamps are rust-proof and water-resistant.
The PIAA 570 LED lamp kit includes two lamps, mounting brackets, complete pre-terminated wiring harness with switch and relay, and installation instructions. The kit’s MSRP is $549.95.

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