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Key Craze Inc. Launches New Line Of Replacement Car Remote Shells And Car Remote Key Shells

The replacement shells are an inexpensive solution to an otherwise expensive problem.
SACRAMENTO, Calif. —  Key Craze, a wholesale key company that specializes in key blanks and accessories, recently started carrying their own line of replacement car remote shells, the company says.

The replacement shells are an inexpensive solution to an otherwise expensive problem.

Car remote shells tend to have a remarkably short life span. They crack, break and the buttons fade. Replacing the remote can cost up to $100. Key Craze offers a more affordable solution with its replacement car remote shells, according to the company. Key Craze offers 15 different remote shells for seven car makes: Chrysler, Nissan, Buick, Honda, Ford, GM and Toyota.

Rather than replacing a perfectly good electronic device, replacing the outer shell serves as an inexpensive way to extend the longevity of a car remote.
They also offer replacement car remote key shells for the following vehicle makes: BMW. Chrysler, Ford, Honda, Toyota and Lexus.

The shells are crafted to fit the battery and wires perfectly and they snap together effortlessly and securely.

Key Craze Inc., located in Sacramento, Calif., offers a wide array of colored novelty key blanks. Using special non-eroding inks, these brightly keys are extremely durable, scratch and fade resistant. Key Craze began with only a line of regular design keys, but has since introduced some of the hottest keys on the market. To date, Key Craze has sold millions of its patented 3D shaped keys and continues to work on hot new designs to keep your customers coming back for more.

For more information on replacement car remote shells and/or other Key Craze products, go to, contact Riki at [email protected] or 1-800-490-7539.

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