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Rein Automotive Introduces 'First Aid Program' For Problematic Parts

New program from CRP Automotive focuses on parts with high failure or high replacement rates.
CRANBURY, N.J. – CRP Automotive, a provider of OE-quality replacement parts for Asian and European import vehicle applications, has developed a special Rein Automotive parts program that focuses on components with high incidents of replacement or failure on certain vehicles. The Rein Automotive "First Aid" program delivers a valuable problem-solving solution, and, to make things easy for the professional technician, installation components, such as O-rings and clamps, are included, according to CRP.
The Rein First Aid program is specifically designed for European vehicle applications and is comprised of parts based on their repair frequency rather than by their product group. CRP says the program assures that customers will always have the parts on hand that are in need of frequent replacement, so shops and technicians will only have to look to one source to get the parts they use the most.
Included in the Rein First Aid Program are: shaped breather hoses, axle boot kits, fuel, oil and coolant caps, dipsticks and dipstick funnels, power steering and oil cooler hoses, switches, sensors and relays, power steering fans and boot kits.
The Rein Automotive under car program features easy look-up on CRP’s online application catalog, which can be accessed through the CRP Automotive Rein Automotive brand website,, or via

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