All Eyes On New Gen-6 Car For NASCAR Sprint Cup In Daytona


Excitement is building for NASCAR fans and competitors alike for the start of the 2013 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series season - and in particular, the debut of the new Sixth-Generation Car.
Excitement is building for NASCAR fans and competitors alike for the start of the 2013 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series season – and in particular, the debut of the new Sixth-Generation Car. 

“The car has really awesome potential,” commented Dale Earnhardt Jr. during a test session last month.
Indeed, the development and design of the latest NASCAR Sprint Cup Series racecar continues a robust tradition of styling that dates back to the earliest days of the sport. Fans will instantaneously notice the differences in the brand individuality of each Gen-6 car.
“You’ll stand there and see Fords and Toyotas and Chevrolets driving by,” continued Earnhardt Jr. “It’s great because everything looks different, yet everything is instantly recognizable.”
Optimism is high in the NASCAR garage surrounding the new racecar’s look, innovative technology and on-track performance.
“This car is the perfect example of technology helping our sport,” said Earnhardt Jr.’s crew chief Steve Letarte. “I think we now have three makes out here that my little boy at 9 years old can tell the difference between. If you’re into racing, you want to watch cool cars go around the track. I think the simple fact is in 2013 we have cooler cars.”
While NASCAR’s Car of Tomorrow served its purpose of providing a safer car for drivers over the past several years, fans called for more exciting, side-by-side racing. Manufacturers needed to return to a stock option with deeper character lines and brand identity. And competitors desired a model that would not only even the playing field, but produce a good show.
Over the past two years, NASCAR and its partners have worked diligently to satisfy those needs.
“The car is a really good-looking car,” said veteran driver Jeff Burton. “A lot of effort has gone into making these cars so that we will have better races. I’m really excited about that because I think, at the end of the day, that is the cornerstone of this sport. It’s an exciting day at the race track whether you are watching it on TV or watching it at the track.”
From brand identity to where to see driver names, here's the lowdown on the five things every race fan should know about the Gen-6 car:

1. Brand Identity: Gen-6 cars more closely resemble those found on the showroom floor, with eye-catching bodylines and stylish features giving each model its distinctive appearance.

2. Safety Enhancements: Additions of forward roof bar and center roof support bar to the roll cage reinforce integrity and increase the crush structure of the roof. Larger roof flaps improve liftoff numbers and decrease the likelihood of the car becoming airborne.

3. Slim and Trim: The total weight of the car has been reduced by 160 lbs. (100 less on right side; 60 lbs. on left). The minimum weight of the driver has also decreased from 200 to 180 lbs.

4. Stamp of Approval: With the exception of the carbon fiber rear deck lid, all body panels are now produced by the manufacturer and individually stamped for verification.

5. Your Name Here: Driver names will be featured on the upper portion of the windshield; sponsor decals and car numbers have been removed from headlight and taillight areas
Click here to view a slide show highlighting the evolution of NASCAR racecars.

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