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How Are You Going To Stay On Top In Business

By S. Scott Shriber

Recently, I saw a release from CES (the Consumer Electronics Show) about a driverless car. Yes, you read that correctly. Driverless car!
S. Scott Shriber
It seems like just a few months ago, I wrote to you about a thing called telematics. I had just returned from AAPEX and SEMA and AAIA was showing the technology in the Shop of Tomorrow display. If you remember, I tried to convince you that it was coming and that we should not ignore it because it would be here before we knew it. Sound at all familiar? Probably long since forgotten.

Well, guess what? In that short period of time it is here and in place. Insurance companies are using it to evaluate our driving habits (not good for us driving enthusiasts), OEs are using it to communicate with our vehicles and repair facilities are using it to retain customers. I am not writing to say I told you so, but rather just a heads-up that things are changing at an unbelievable rate.

Recently, I saw a release from CES (the Consumer Electronics Show) about a driverless car. Yes, you read that correctly. Driverless car! Ok, so what or how does that affect all of us? Well, even if no one is piloting the car, someone is going to be riding in it. That means someone will be depending on it and need it to get places. Since it will still be a mechanical device, it will still need service and repair. Thank goodness!

I bring this up to further prove that we need to be training and ready to change. We used to be able to say that we could leave that to the next generation of technicians and parts pros. Not today. It seems that by the time a new technology is announced, I am soon finding it hanging under the dash of a rental car. Think how much new stuff can come down the pike in the next five years. We have got to stay on it or get left behind.
We are lucky — we have AAIA, AASA,  ASA and ASE and many other partners to help us along the journey. The important thing is to buy into being a part of the journey rather than staying on the sidelines and watching it happen.

We here at Counterman will be here to provide you with all the information and new technology as it comes to market. Whether you prefer print magazines, websites or our weekly newsletter, we are here to bring you all the updated product and industry news. Count on us to be at all the upcoming aftermarket events and provide you with the information you need. That’s what we do! Thanks for being a reader.
Stay tuned: it will be a heck of a ride, even if no one is driving!

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