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Many Of Us Have The Talent To Bring More To An Organization

By Gerald Wheelus

If you have ideas, present them. All they can say is no!
Gerald Wheelus
You get 100 percent of what you do, not ask for! Whether it is in your personal or business life, you have to ask for the sale, the pay raise, new responsibilities or different ones, as it may be.

Often we find ourselves unhappy within a specific position or situation. So often, we feel stuck in that rut and need new or different responsibilities to help change things up. If you work for a company that has more than one or two stores, there is certainly room for some variety of work responsibilities. The question is: What’s the correct way to let that be known?

The truth is, there may not be a correct way. The thing is, you get 100 percent of what you do not ask for. Asking for reassignment will have to be on a case-by-case basis. However, most employers may be wishing they had someone to offer up a new idea and more importantly, someone who can head the program or initiative as it might be called. 

Many of us have the talent to bring more to an organization. The problem is we do not share that talent or let it be known we possess it at all. There are certainly wrong ways to go about sharing it, so there have to be correct ways as well. 

Some of the wrong ways would be to blurt it out when frustrated when the CEO, VP or GM are on a casual visit to your store. Do not ask for reassignment and a pay raise all in one scenario; it will probably not happen. Do not ask for less responsibility to go with it; it will probably not happen. Do not expect less responsibility as the reassignment will most assuredly accompany many of the same duties you were performing to go with the new. Timing will be crucial as well; you cannot expect a reassignment if there is no one to cover your post when you are absent. Again, timing and positioning will be everything. 

A correct way might be a simple email stating you have an idea. It might be important enough to you to sit down with your chain of command. In a reassignment request, it is very important that you go to the immediate supervisor, then through to the chain of command.

The right time might be when the CEO, VP or GM are in your store for a casual visit, although it would be wise to know what you want or what the reassignment you want might be before doing so. It would be wise to understand what your request might be or what you might like to do before you say, “get me off the counter!”

Only you and your supervisors will know what the needs of the organization might be. That is where you have to understand the situation at hand and you have to mean what you say and be ready for the consequences if you say something that you do not.

If you have ideas, present them. All they can say is no!

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