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New Rislone EZ Nozzle Funnel


More than 15 million vehicles in North America are equipped with capless fuel systems. While the capless tanks make filling up at the gas station easy, their internal components do not permit a free flow of fluid from traditional fuel additive bottles or portable gas cans. Rislone has created a series of solutions for vehicle owners with obstructed fuel systems. Rislone Gasoline Fuel System Treatment and the company’s super-concentrated line of fuel additives all come equipped with capless-compatible packaging. Now, for users who find themselves in emergency situations or want to use up old bottles, Rislone introduces the EZ Nozzle Funnel. When inserted into the fuel filler neck, the EZ Nozzle Funnel opens any obstructions. It features a wide, asymmetrical mouth that makes it simple for users to cleanly empty any bottle or gas can into the fuel tank. Available to distribution in case packs of 24.

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