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Why Didn’t I Think Of That?

By S. Scott Shriber

The next time you are faced with a situation that requires some ingenuity, stop and ask yourself, can I solve this?
S. Scott Shriber
I wish I had a dollar for every time I have said that to myself. The other frustrating thing is when I see some great idea and I have previously thought of it. I just did not do anything about it. I am sure you have all been in one or both of these situations.

Earlier this week I had such a moment. From time to time, people send products in hoping that the product will spark some interest and we’ll publish it in our new products section. Typically, we run them if appropriate for your review and that is the end of it. The market decides very quickly if the product has merit. That is the beauty of our free market system. Occasionally, I see something that is really clever or useful and it grabs my attention. Rarely, will I write about it but there are those rare instances.

This below is one of them. Last week a product called VaccUFlex came in the mail. It seemed fairly mundane to most, but to me, it was sheer genius. As many of you know, I am an avid car guy and all-around tool junkie. You can see from the picture what this thing does. If not, you won’t use it anyway.

How many times have you looked at an area and said, “I sure wish I could get my vacuum in there”? Well ask no more. This thing gets you right under that fridge and cleans those dust bunnies off the coils. Or, what about between those seats in a console-equipped vehicle? If you work on stuff, your mind already has many more uses than I can rattle off here.

Just seeing the product should have been enough, but I needed to talk to the guy who came up with this, partly because I was jealous, and partly because I am somewhat entrepreneurial. His name is Joe and as with most of these kinds of items, he came upon it out of necessity. Joe’s wife fell in love with a new light fixture for the front porch and it turned out to be very difficult to clean. Joe tried to use his vacuum but it just didn’t get in there. And there you have it, several iterations and his problem and ours, are solved.

I guess my point here is this: the next time you are faced with a situation that requires some ingenuity, stop and ask yourself, can I solve this? If so, do it and then ask, does anyone else have this problem? If so, look into getting it made. What the heck, it might just be the next big thing.

And hurry up! I am probably struggling with the same problem and not clever enough to solve it.

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