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I Know Why, Mitch



Mitch Schneider wants to know why, and how in his article “Why is it in Vogue?”(Counterman, June 2008) that people crucify aftermarket manufacturers.

Unfortunately for us in the retail side, the answer can be traced back to the late 1980s, when shops and DIY customers stopped asking the most important question and started asking the one that prevails to this day. Mitch, the answer to your question is not how, or why, but how much? That is the only thing that matters to the majority of customers, shop owners, retailers, WDs, all the way down the chain of distribution.

The guys who have been around awhile will all back me up on this one.

Byron Nelson, Nelson Auto Parts, Claxton, Ga.

Editor’s Note: In his column, Schneider said, “I don’t know where or when it became fashionable to crucify the aftermarket companies that have trained, serviced and supported the repair community for more than four generations. I don’t know where it comes from, when it started or why anyone would fall prey to such spurious and poorly supported arguments. But, evidently there are those who have.”
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avatar   tiny   star   4/11/2010   5:48 PM

here's my take on it.

1. why do the former US manufacturers go overseas now? Unions and OSHA. Unions drive the cost of labor up so high, that a person who works for GM installing windshields on the assembly line makes 80 grand a year. I know minimum wage sucks, but 80 grand? So when the opportunity to produce the same result but for cheaper comes up, as a businessman, i would take it. Including tarrifs and export taxes, it's still cheaper to produce parts overseas.

2. Why do they get away with it? we let them. If all of us would shop with the understanding that our money speaks, it wouldn't happen. Unfortunately, not many of us can do it. I buy as cheap as i can because it's all i can afford. i get the house brand everything. sorry.

avatar   Sergey   star   3/20/2010   6:18 PM

^^^ I sold tranny filter today for 02 Durango 5.9 in nice box, came with two gaskets and a filter, for $10 + tax. I just don't see how you can stand behind the quality (not warranty) of a part that has been shipped overseas form China and after customs and mark ups be sold for that much over the counter to the customer (vital part too). I like paying cheap for something that normally cost a lot more, that's what i call "a great deal". I don't like to get cheap parts, I don't care about the brand name much these days, i pay more attention to where the part is made at first. I sell quality to my customers, "cheap" is not my keyword to complete the sale.

avatar   Chris   star   2/24/2010   5:04 PM

Time to break out the power saw and cut a hole in the floorboard for the Flintstones-style brakes.

avatar   DAVE ELLIOTT   star   2/4/2010   12:28 PM

Hey Gabe who you Mad at? Not to mention the dollar spiff per set~!!!!! I sold two sets Monday, along with a quartet of drilled and slotted rotors for an 02 GMC. We will soon find out what kind of performance increases are noticed! Jeez 524.35 for front and rear pads and rotors! Anybody seen my anchor?

avatar   Gabe   star   2/2/2010   5:23 PM

Performance Friction brake pads all the way! Mad in the U.S. and to me best aftermarket brakes you can get!

avatar   Ronnie   star   12/2/2009   3:22 PM

What does an average customer know about a o.e. part, I.E. mopar, motorcraft, delco etc. The name and logo on the box. Thats it. Put a nicer logo on the cheap chinese parts and you'll sell more.

avatar   LEE   star   3/16/2009   12:27 PM


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