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Don’t Forget to Torque Down



I just received the latest copy of Counterman. I was very surprised when I finished reading the article titled “The Perfect Brake Job” in the Technical Training Series insert.

I have been working on cars since I was about eight. As I was reading the article I noticed that each paragraph regarding the diagnosis of noisy or pulsating brakes became more and more complicated. The company I work for does not do any service work. But, one thing that I have always spoken to customers with brake complaints about is that they should always torque down the lug nuts when putting things back together.

Failing to torque down the lugs nuts is tantamount to installing a head with an impact wrench. As your article read, the technology in the pads and rotors today is very complex as to dissipate heat evenly and efficiently. I use good quality pads and rotors and I have never had anyone complain of noise or vibration. If you want to install a $10 set of pads and rotors that cost $12.50 each, make sure you sell them a pair of tin snips so they can cut a hole through the floor and pull a Fred Flintstone.

With all this being said, I truly enjoy your magazine and learn something every time I open it.

Gene McCarthy, Rochester, NH


Counterman should be required reading for every sales manager and above in every aftermarket parts supplier in the country. As I have said multiple times, quality, availability and knowledgeable service are expected and are generally provided by the parts suppliers in the aftermarket.

Yet, these are always the first on the list when you hear from sales that the latest survey proves that price is not a factor. Trust me in this: Everything is a factor. You may have the first three packaged up and tied with a ribbon but your competition is working equally as hard and if their price allows “your” customer to be more competitive or perhaps put a few more dollars to the bottom line, you are dead in the water.

Glen “Chip” Wood, Independent Amsoil Dealer, Ashford, AL


I completely agree with Jon Owens on electronic cataloging (Publisher’s Perspective, December 2007). Remy would love nothing more than to stop printing paper catalogs. In fact, we are working diligently with our customers to do just that. We are making our entire catalog available via our Web site for end-users as well as professional mechanics.

Unfortunately, today we are still printing thousands of paper catalogs, as we have not been successful in migrating all of our customers to electronic.

Thanks for your support on an important issue.

Phil Henderson, Vice President, Marketing & Category Management, Electrical Aftermarket, Remy International, Winchester, VA

Jon Owens’ plan to end all catalogs and price sheets to the jobbers by 2009 is an excellent idea. Why didn’t we think of this sooner?

Roger Vreeland, Don & Len’s Auto Parts, East Bangor, PA

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