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More Than a Patch: ASE P2 Parts Specialist Test Prep



ASE P2 Parts Specialist Test Prep

Next month, thousands of automotive service professionals from across the country will take one - or several - ASE certification tests. Those who succeed earn the right to wear the ASE patch, a tangible reminder to customers that you know your stuff.

But succeeding on the test takes knowledge and study. The following pages contain technician information that will help test-takers when they finally crack open their test booklets. The certification process itself is one of the single most important steps in career development. Here are the top ten reasons an automotive professional should consider becoming ASE-certified.

  1. Certification grants you professional credentials. Since it recognizes your individual accomplishments, ASE's certification serves as an impartial, third-party endorsement of your knowledge and experience on a national, even international basis.

  2. Certification demonstrates your commitment to the automotive service and repair profession.

  3. Certification enhances the profession's image.

  4. Certification reflects achievement. ASE certification is a reflection of personal achievement because the individual has displayed excellence in his or her field by meeting standards and requirements established by the entire automotive industry.

  5. Certification builds self-esteem. ASE certification is a step toward defining yourself beyond a job description or academic degree while gaining a sense of personal satisfaction.

  6. Certification can improve career opportunities and advancement. ASE certification can give you the edge when being considered for a promotion or other career opportunities.

  7. Certification may provide for greater earning potential.

  8. Certification improves skills and knowledge. Typically, achieving ASE certification requires training, study and keeping up with changing technology.

  9. Certification prepares you for greater on-the-job responsibilities. Certified professionals are aware of the constantly changing technology and environment around their profession and possess the desire to anticipate and respond to change.

  10. Certification offers greater recognition from peers. As an ASE-certified professional, you can expect increased recognition from your peers for taking that extra step in your professional development.

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