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Why All the Fuss Over E-Cats?



Sorry people, the paper cat is going the way of the drum brake whether we like it or not. The benefits of going to e-cat is too great to let the
current drawbacks stop it for long.

So let’s quit complaining about all of the things the e-cat isn’t and get a few veteran parts people into a room with a few techies and let’s change it
into what we need it to be. We need a system that is fast, accurate and can be quickly updated. Parts people are the only people who know what that
entails and techies are the ones who can make it work.

Jerry Ledford, Store Manager
Advance Auto Parts
McAlester, Okla.

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avatar   Advance auto parts suck   star   2/12/2010   4:46 PM

The e-cat is a tool that can become huge and give us knowledge that a paper cat can never do. But until you hire the right people that have that expierience or just common sense, it's not getting any better soon. Use your brain. And working for advance, you don't have any.

avatar   Dave Elliott   star   8/14/2009   2:54 PM

From what I understand, the level of your e-cat comes from what level of program your home office purchases. Just like anything else, (in a real world) you get what you pay for. I may have been misled on this, but it does make sense. I am constantly working on my huge selection of paper catalogs, keeping them as up to date as possible and getting them in Weatherly Index order. Out e-cat has a section in it that will tell you where the paper cat is in the Weatherly. You gotta use all your sources. More and more I am finding more accurate listings on the vendor's website. This is now where I check anything the e cat is vague on if I have the chance

avatar   Paul   star   5/8/2009   5:37 PM

What you say about E-cats is true, unfortunately, asking people to stop complaining about it is like asking the wind to stop blowing. Not gonna happen. On the other hand, I don't think paper is going to go completely away either.

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