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I feel very offended about the name of your magazine. There are so many counterwomen who do the very same job!

Elizabeth Burney
Parts Specialist
Seminole, OK

Counterman Responds...
Thanks for your letter, Elizabeth. We get letters like yours every so often, and do appreciate your comments. Over the years, we have considered changing the name of the magazine. Counterman has been the name of this magazine for nearly 25 years, and we think there’s just too much brand equity in the name. Rest assured, we recognize the many contributions women have made in the parts distribution business. In fact, three of our past Counter Professional of the Year award winners have been women: Karren Karrer (1992), Janet Sherman (1998) and Chris Isted (2001).

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avatar   Luke   star   2/6/2010   2:30 PM

There are much better things to nitpick about, don't you think? Betie couldn't have said it better.

avatar   Paul   star   7/22/2009   4:03 PM

Well put, Betie. Unfortunately, this is a business where women have to prove themselves more than their male counterparts do

avatar   Betie   star   4/1/2009   2:32 PM

Elizabeth, yes there are many counter women who do the same job, The title of counterman is one i will wear! The title is a general title, just like in the Air Force everyone men and women alike are Airman, It isn't something they used to offend anyone.

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