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Volkswagen Radiator Fan Damage


If you encounter a 1998-’03 EuroVan with radiator fan damage, it may have been caused by improperly supporting the radiator assembly when previous repairs required the radiator to be tipped forward.

When repairs require that the radiator assembly be tipped forward, do not prop (hold the assembly in the tipped position) using any device that presses against the radiator assembly or radiator fan assemblies.

Doing so may cause cracks (which may or may not be immediately visible) in the fan(s) which, over time, may lead to failure of the fan blades. This, in turn, may lead to engine failure.

Courtesy of ALLDATA.
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avatar   Daniel L. Newhall   star   9/11/2009   3:23 PM

I have had 2 of the cheap plastic fans fall apart. They are too thin=CRAP. does anyone know of an available fan blade that will fit?

avatar   Dan Smith   star   8/19/2009   4:31 PM

This is "bologna" ! There are fan failures on low mileage EuroVans that have never had thier radiators "tip'd" forward. VW has a bad part and is trying to shift the blame.

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