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Cylinder Head Oil Leak or Weepage Found on Some 4.6L and 5.4L Engines



Some vehicles equipped with the Romeo 4.6L 2V engine or 5.4L 2V Windsor and 5.4L Supercharged engine may exhibit an oil leak or oil weepage from the cylinder head gasket at the right-hand rear or the left-hand front of the engine. Oil weepage is not considered detrimental to engine performance or durability. An oil leak may be caused by metal chip debris lodged between the head gasket and the block, chip debris between the cylinder head and the head gasket, or by damage to the cylinder head sealing surface that occurred during the manufacturing process.

Once an oil leak is verified with a black light test at the head gasket joint, replacement of the head gasket can be performed. If the head was damaged by chip contamination, the head should be replaced. A revised “service-only” gasket is now released for both of these cases.
Required for service are:

• A straightedge (machine flatness toleranced to 0.0002” per foot in length) that’s available from local tool dealers or as provided by Ford Motor Co.;
• Motorcraft Silicone Gasket Remover (ZC-30);
• Metal Surface Prep (ZC-31); and
• Service-only gasket (3U7Z-6051-BA for driver’s side and/or 3U7Z-6051-AA for passenger’s side) with the new embossed area.
Repair Procedure
Cylinder heads damaged by brinnelling (depression marks from original gasket) of the head may still be reusable. The revised “service-only” gasket has a feature by which the embossed sealing area does not follow the same sealing path as the original gasket. This area is surrounding the High Pressure Oil Feed (HPOF) area. It’s triangular in shape and is found in the rear of the passenger’s side cylinder head, or in the front of the driver’s side cylinder head.

If performing in vehicle service, the engine should be allowed to cool before removing the head or warpage may occur in deck flatness. The cylinder head and block decks should be cleaned before performing a flatness check. Dark metal stains below the surface of the metal are normal. Do not attempt to polish off the stains with grinders or scrapers. Use a plastic scraper (or plastic ice scraper or equivalent) to pull away any residual silicone RTV with ZC-30 and ZC-31 applied in sequence.

Cylinder head kits are available on most applications from Ford and include complete head assembly, with cam and valves; head bolts, service-only head gasket; both intake gaskets exhaust gasket; one rocker cover gasket; and one set of exhaust studs and nuts.

If it’s found that only one head is leaking, it’s not necessary to remove the other head. Repair only the side for which leakage occurs.
ALLDATA Technical Editor Eric Seifert is an ASE-certified Master Technician and Engine Machinist, with 20 years of independent shop and parts store experience.
— Technical service bulletin courtesy of ALLDATA.

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avatar   Tunerguy   star   2/13/2010   11:36 AM

kozmic man where did you go to school. cause i dont want to send my kids there. maybe you should go back to grade school and take some more spelling classes

avatar   Marty McFly   star   2/6/2010   9:23 PM

You know what they say about the bow tie? Only little boys wear them.

avatar   Elisha   star   1/13/2010   7:15 PM

Ford(You dont have to spell out what Ford stands for they already circle the problem and highlighted it in blue). Mustang (Mostly Uses Small Tires And No Go).

avatar   One Tire Fire   star   1/2/2010   8:42 PM

GMC = Gods Mechanical Curse, Got Mechanics Coming, Generic Made Chevy,

avatar   Tunerguy   star   9/17/2009   9:43 PM

fordguy I'm glad to see that you finally agree with someone. I'm not gonna argue anymore, but come on man you have to give some respect to imports. Just like you and Rick I agree that NASCAR and pro drifting is a joke, the only part of NASCAR that is interesting to watch is about the last 10 laps and thats it, and of course the good wrecks that happen

avatar   Jim   star   9/14/2009   8:56 PM

so get your story straight.

avatar   jim    star   9/14/2009   8:54 PM

Fordguy you just contradicted yourself. You said it yourself that they ran from the feds and realized that they could go faster by hanging the tail end out when they were on dirt. So by your own admission they drifted on dirt

avatar   Rick   star   9/14/2009   7:03 PM

I always thought it was Found On Raceday Dead or Fixed Or Repair Daily... or backwards it's Driver Returns On Foot... Just kidding around. Don't get bent too far out of shape, fordguy.

avatar   fordguy   star   9/11/2009   10:50 PM

Ok, so drifting on pavement may have originated in Japan. sorry, forgot about that one. But don't forget about Sprint cars, same thing but in an oval on dirt. Rick, I also do feel the same way about NASCAR and pro drifting-it's a joke, and I didn't even think of the rally-racing thing where getting squirelly is faster, but my whole point is sliding your car through a turn on dirt has been going on here longer in the USA than anyone has been doing it on pavement in Japan. Jim, maybe the moonshiners didn't "drift", but when the wheels are turned the opposite direction, tail end hanging out with roostertails of dirt coming off the tires then was called a powerslide, oh wait a minute, sounds like drifting! The same f'n thing! Sorry my bad. I guess I do know what I am talking about. End of story.

avatar   jim   star   9/5/2009   5:28 PM

man Fordguy you. have no clue what you are talking about moonershiners drifted on dirt. True and thats where dirt track racing originated true, but Japan was the first to do it on Pavement. End of story.

avatar   Rick   star   9/4/2009   8:07 PM

Drifting as it's known today originated in the late 60's by a man name Keiichi Tsucia. When he was a teenager he took his Celica up and down the mountain passes in Japan. Later during his racing career when he would win races he would drift during his last lap. What the old moonshiners were doing was closer to rally racing where it's faster for you to keep it a little squirely. The fact that what they were doing evolved into NASCAR will always be dumbfounding to me. NASCAR and pro drifting is a joke to me.

avatar   Fordguy   star   9/2/2009   10:19 PM

You don't give up do you, Tunerguy. Drifting may have been popularized in Japan, but it originated here in the states by Moonshiners outrunning both Johnny Law and the Feds, but they did it on dirt. They figured out the fastest way through a turn was to hang the tail end out and keep it floored. Most of these old moonshiners ran their old jalopies at the local dirt track and evolved into the sport we know today as NASCAR.

avatar   tyler_m_for_real   star   9/2/2009   4:51 PM

Actually who ever posted on Tyler_m Was a fake also im done with this all i did was read the post.

avatar   GoJo   star   8/31/2009   7:32 PM

Tyler, thats so lame man. You should stop trollin on the page if you don't have anything to contribute

avatar   TUNER_GUY   star   8/31/2009   5:56 PM

First of all I'll admit that I don't know that much about domestics cause honestly there all the same. I have better luck with all of my imports than I have ever had with my first domestic. Imports do produce many lines of cars that put out some pretty impressive horsepower. Nissan has a lot of performance cars contrary to everyone's belief that are not AWD. Honda has the NSX, Toyota has many cars that produce substantial horsepower that are not really known in the states. Same thing with Mitsubishi. Besides who created the drift scene it sure as hell wasn't people with Domestic cars.

avatar   Fordguy   star   8/28/2009   10:24 PM

If the Mustang is such a poor excuse for a performance car, how come there has never been a break in production? How come it has its own specific drag racing sanctioning body-the NMRA? What about the Mustang Challenge that was just on the Speed Channel? Gm doesn't have that with the Camaro or Vette, and Mopar certainly doesn't have anything like it either. Jack Roush and Carroll Shelby have build some brutal performance cars from Ford products, (mainly Mustangs)that in some areas of racing have done very well and not so much at others? Camaro, TransAm, GTO, Charger, Challenger, 'Cuda, Thunderbird, Cougar, Lemans, Malibu, Monte Carlo, Nova nameplates have died and the "BIG 3" have brought some back, some with success. others just plain sucked. Just my .02 cents.

avatar   Fordguy   star   8/28/2009   9:03 PM

Rick, Tunerguy, you guys don't have a clue about what you are talking about on here. IT'S ROUSH, not Rouche! The GT500 may have a ancient axle design, its strong and it works! and it is not a open diff, A open diff would leave one strip of rubber on the ground unless you welded the spider gears together, Ford puts posi rearends in them, which will leave 2 strips of rubber on the ground. How do I know? I work at a Ford dealer as a tech and we have a few GT500's, 2 GT500KR's, a few Roush 427R's and 1 of 50 Cobra Jet's (comes with a 9" axle out back)sitting on the showroom floor. The new GT500 can and will hang with a new ZO6 Vette, 11.50's in the 1/4 right off the showroom floor, the ZR1, I believe runs low 11's to high 10's, and will outrun the 'stang. So guys, get your facts straight before making yourselves look like douchebags. Anything else I can shoot you guys down with? again?

avatar   Rick   star   8/27/2009   9:02 PM

Ford doesn't produce the Rouche, Rouche does. And the Vette is a sports car, not a muscle car. If it was a muscle car it wouldn't be able to turn and handle and hang with all the exotics from around the world. Ford's "performance" version of the new Mustang, the GT500, had an open differential and a ancient rear axle design when it was first introduced, and couldn't hang with the Corvette if it had to.

avatar   Tuner Guy    star   8/23/2009   7:05 PM

Petey you say mustang is a poor excuse for a muscle car, well what do you think a Camaro is. I mean honestly. Chevy's got the corvette which is a true muscle car, for Ford to keep producing the Mustang with some models that can keep up with the vette such as the KLR or the Rouche thats pretty impressive.

avatar   ThatOneGuyWhosBeenRespondingUnderOtherNames   star   8/21/2009   4:48 PM

TunerGuy You're lame.

avatar   TUNER GUY   star   8/20/2009   8:03 PM

Since ford guy said to choose either FWD or RWD I would rather choose a pre-governed Ninja ZX-14 that has 175 hp to a single rear wheel. no one ever specified how many wheels it had to have. they were the only street bike to run 200+ mph straight from the factory. You guys can go ahead and say that this discussion is not about street bikes it's about cars but your little Mustang or your little Camaro cannot even reach that speed straight from the factory. You also talk about lifting the front tires off the ground can your Mustang or Camaro lift the front tire off the ground through all the gears. I THINK NOT.

avatar   Los Locos   star   8/19/2009   10:22 PM

Petey, Ive seen an Evo "wax" a Trans Am on the strip before, Im not sure what kind of tires, etc, but it was a 90's Trans Am, very similiar to a Camaro, and Im not sayin that an Evo will win everytime, but its been done, and I agree 4 bangers can kick V8 ass, as well as vice versa, V8s can smoke ricers. Thers no definite winner. And u can keep talkin about "my Camaro," but none of us can see it or test this, so its losing it steam, or in this case horsepower lol bad pun I know.

avatar   Rick   star   8/17/2009   6:51 PM

There's is no reasoning with ignorance is there. Petey, I'm sure your Camaro is fast, but I'm also sure there is something out there with half the displacement that is faster, front, rear, or all wheel drive. There always is. And fordguy, you're right, I don't go out to the strip much because that's not the style of racing I enjoy very much. It's almost as exciting watching cars make 1000 left turns. But that doesn't mean I've never been, and it doesn't mean I have no idea what I'm talking about. I've seen plenty of V8s beat 4 cylinder cars and vise versa. The point I'm trying to get across is that your ignorance does nothing but cause arguments when we should all be on the same page. Just because you have an opinion doesn't mean it's law. As an automotive enthusiast you should think it's at least a little impressive when these grocery getter economy cars are able to run with real performance cars.

avatar   Fordguy   star   8/14/2009   9:45 PM

Rick, when I mentioned "pick one" I put the letters FWD for FRONT WHEEL DRIVE in front of it, because AWD (ALL WHEEL DRIVE)4-bangers like the STI and EVO do hook up very well on the street and or strip. That is why I did not include those in my paragraph. Last time I checked the Supra does not fall into the 4-cylinder fwd class since it is an Inline-6 with rear wheel drive. I have a friend down in Texas who has a 1200hp street driven Supra so I do know how brutal those cars are. Have you ever seen a Supra run at the strip? They are rather slow off the line since most of them that are "built" are for top end, but when one gets rolling, look out because it will chase you down in a hurry when the turbo spools up. Rick it sounds like you don't get out much to the track or the street races because there is a tire that hooks up very well, it is called a DRAG RADIAL,which is a DOT legal tire made by BFG, Nitto, etc, and another tire called an ET Street made by Mickey Thompson, which is essentially a DOT drag slick

avatar   petey   star   8/14/2009   9:39 PM

shut up pillsbury. and rick, how could anyone feel good about "waxing" a mustang. they are fords poor excuse of a muscle car. ford will never be able to hang with the big boys. line your sti or evo up against my camaro and well see who gets embarrased.

avatar   Johnny5   star   8/14/2009   9:21 PM

I have an 1987 Schwinn World Sport, and I can pull the front tire up anyday of the week, and I dont waste a drop of fuel doin it! Original everything too, cept for tires =)

avatar   Pillsbury   star   8/10/2009   9:19 PM

I love how this discussion turned from the oil seepage from Ford engines to an Import vs. Domestic Battle. Really guys, just grab ur cars bring em to the strip or track and run em, An Evo or Sti will clean ur old farts on a track anyday. Now a strip, maybe either or depending on the specs, man. IMO i prefer the track , cus as much precision there is in shifting, imagine doing it while turning, braking, etc. And for the record, I hate FWD vehicles, so please don't respond that Im a ricer that loves Honda, it just depends on the vehicle, and I do love my domestics as much as an exotic, like i said it all just depends on specific vehicle

avatar   Rick   star   8/7/2009   8:38 PM

Not all of the "rice burners" to which I was referring power the front wheels. The Toyota Supra is one of the fastest street cars on the strip these days with thousand horsepower cars all over the place. Supras have been waxing Mustangs for more than a decade. And no car will lift the front tires on street tires or stock suspension. Any two wheel drive car with 500 horsepower will have traction problems. Since you said "pick one" I'd pick an STI or an EVO which with 500 horsepower going to all four wheels would have no problem embarrassing the big bad v8 in a strait line. Both with only 4 cylinders under hood.

avatar   petey    star   8/6/2009   7:41 PM

at first i disagreed with fordguy. but now after listening to these yahoo's ramble on about imports im gonna have to side with fordguy. although we favor to different brands of car, at least they're both american. he obviously knows something about what he's talking about because he is not wasting money on some little four-banger import. there is nothing like the sound of the rumble of a V8. it sure beats the whiny weedwhacker noise of honda and nissan. these tuner kids are gonna argue all day about whats better becausethey dont know any better. one of these days they will grow up and want big boy toys.

avatar   Fordguy   star   8/4/2009   10:58 PM

No, four banger cars do not have a edge at the strip because most of them cannot transfer weight! Imports may weigh less than your average Mustang or Camaro, but they both power the correct wheels. Take a 500 hp 79-93 Mustang 5.0 vs a 500 hp fwd ricer, {pick one}stock type suspension on both, and see which one gets traction. I'll guarantee you this, it wont be the fwd ricer crossing the stripe first! Displacement and torque matters! Besides it is more exciting to see a car lift the front wheels at the track than watching one spin the front tires at a feeble attempt to get traction.

avatar   RICK   star   8/3/2009   8:54 PM

Those big block engines alone probably weigh about as much as any sport compact chassis and engine together. They need all that torque to get those old boats moving, so all those "4 banger ricer burners" still have an edge on the strip, even with their lower amounts of torque. The old Dart running 10s is pretty amazing on bias plys, but you just make yourself sound ignorant when you cap lock, name call, and deny the fact that cars can be just as fast with half the displacement. You all keep talking about strait line performance, but what happens when that big block car comes up to a corner? Modern mini vans handle better than any factory muscle car. But none of that really matters on a drag stip does it?

avatar   FORDGUY   star   7/31/2009   10:28 PM

You guys can go on boasting about your tuner cars, F1 engines, ecotec blah ,blah ,blah, but, like Petey said and called me out on is the fact there is no replacement for displacement! Period! You can have all the h.p. in the world out of your little 4 banger with or without power adders, but it don't mean s**t if there is no torque! Let's say your Ecotec or Honda is making 1000hp but if it 's only generating 300ft\lbs of torque, vs the BBC, Mopar, BBF, etc, that may make 900 ft\lbs,will leave your little tuner car sitting on the starting line. I'll also agree with Petey on the fact that Bias-ply tires suck, and for a old 60's musclecar running 10's on them back in the day was no easy task. Now imagine how much quicker that same car would be on a set of DOT drag radials, lifting the FRONT tires off the ground instead of spinning them.

avatar   Rick   star   7/31/2009   6:56 PM

Hondas still won't make torque like a v8 though, but what they do in WRC is pretty interesting. 2 liter engines that are restricted to 350 horse power making over 450 ft/lbs of torque is an engineering feet. But again... apples to oranges.

avatar   Rick   star   7/31/2009   6:50 PM

There is a replacement for displacement. It's called forced induction. I don't even like Hondas, but the K series engine can make serious power completely stock with a turbo and still rev to 9 grand. Comparing a big block to any 4 cylinder is like apples and oranges. You all need to grow up and get over it. You can make anything fast with enough money. And these days the most bang for the buck is coming from 4 cylinders, and they're still getting 25-30 mpg while putting 300+ to the ground.

avatar   tuner guy    star   7/26/2009   8:03 PM

learn your cars fredly imports don't come from from china they come from JAPAN. Anyone smart person knows that and besides when Castrol had their motor build off a Honda F22 A4 won the build off with over 1000 hp without turbo.

avatar   fredly   star   7/18/2009   11:41 AM

Im with petey for sure. You give me the same amount of money you put in ur little tuners, and compare it to a small or big block v8 then see which one will out perform who in the 1/4. There is no replacement for displacement!!! The only thing you have going for you is weight. They don't even make the blocks as strong as they used to. They make the blocks strong enough for daily driving and thats it. Old skool blocks with high nickel content castings were a third stronger than they needed to be. Go live in China Brian and liquid if you like ur tuners so much

avatar   petey   star   7/12/2009   5:01 PM


avatar   petey   star   6/24/2009   7:22 PM

My last entry was cut short. The fastest on the drag strip is NOT the supra for sure. Liquid, you obviously have no idea what your talking about. You were just following what Brian says. Stay out of the conversation unless you have your own opinion on the topic. We were discussing Chrysler to Ford engines not twin-turbo nitrous injected imports. Just so you know Brian, a stock Supra runs the 1/4 mile in 13.4 sec. Liquid, if your gonna be a follower pick a better leader. A 2002 STOCK Corvette runs it in 13.1. The stock Z06 in the same year did it in 12.5. A 1964 Dodge with a 426 Max Wedge did it in 11.4. Once again i say, THERE IS NO REPLACEMENT FOR DISPLACEMENT. PEACE!

avatar   Frank aka petey   star   6/20/2009   10:04 PM

Brian and Liquid you two did not read what I was talking about. I was talking about FACTORY engines, not F1 or your junk 4 bangers... and for one we are talking bout WAY different style of racing... straight line is all about brute power. Ralley, Trans Am and road racing is about power but keeping that power on tap so a big block will not work because it weighs to much and wont rev quick enough... and there is not a replacement for displacement... Take a big block and a 4 banger honda or ecotec or any other piece of junk and do the same thing to that big block as you do to the other engine and the big block will always I REPEAT ALWAYS create more power and torque... SO as i said prior "There is no replacement for displacement". and for your 1000+ hp engines you have to put a whole bunch of money and BOOST to create that power.... 70's trans am cars ran small blocks... they were engines built to REV... just like NASCAR engines.. now F1 engines are Million dollar engines and engineers and engine designers spen

avatar   FRANK aka part-timer   star   6/9/2009   4:12 PM

You people are not reading what I said. I was talking about production engines not no damn F1 or RACING engines....what kind of engine does a top fuel drag car run a 4 banger??? i think not a nitro powered HEMI.. not a Honda or an Eco tech... F1 Engines are cool but their nothing special... a small bore small stroke engine that can rev to like 15 grand... those engines have been built for years.. they are a motor cycle engine... AND YOUR YOTA IS JUNK...DOUCHE BAG! AND THE OLD TRANS AM CARS WERE ALL SMALL BLOCKS BUT THEY WERE BUILT TO REV.. GET IN YOUR MOPAR HISTORY BOOK AND READ ABOUT A 1963 DODGE DART FACTORY DRAG CAR.. FROM SHOWROOM FLOOR TO DRAG STRIP RAN 10 FLAT ON BIAS PLY TIRES AND WITH A 426 MAX WEDGE NOT EVEN A HEMI.. ON JUNK BIAS PLY TIRES NOT DRAG RADIALS LIKE YOUR SUPRA.. YOU WILL HAVE TO READ TO KNOW WHAT A BIAS PLY TIRE IS CUZ I BET YOUR A 18 YEAR OLD FAST AND THE FURIOUS LOVER WHO HAS TO HAVE A RICER TO FIT IN AND THINK HES ALL COOL. YOU PROB DRIVE A 1996 HONDA CIVIC WITH NEON LIGHTS AND WALMAR

avatar   Liquid   star   6/9/2009   3:36 PM

Very well said Brian. I agree with it all and its true. I didn't know the old Trans Am Racing didn't have V8s in them, but yeah fastest on the drag is the Supra for sure

avatar   Brian   star   6/7/2009   5:46 PM

there is a replacement for displacement im sorry. you dont see large displacement engines in F1 and its the pinnacle of automotive engineering. don't see them in indy, rally, even in old 1970's trans am racing no big blocks running up front. there are 1.3 liter rotary motors making 1,000+hp.. chevy's ecotec can make 1,000+, various honda, mitsubishi, toyota, and nissan motors can make well over 1,000+ hp. if your speaking strictly drag racing the fastest 1/4 time on a dot tire is a 3.4liter toyota supra.

avatar   peteypartimer   star   5/21/2009   8:45 PM

The 428SCJ is nothing more than a stock 428 with CAST internals. The Boss 429 was Fords attempt at creating a true hemispherical combustion chambered engine. The 425 ci engine they called a "427" was the only decent engine you mentioned but it still cant come close to the 426 HEMI on pure brute power. Now if we are talking quarter mile cars the mopars are the kings. In 1963 the Dodge Dart with a 426 max wedge, not even a HEMI, ran the 1/4 mile at 10 flat off the show room floor. Now Ford had a couple of radicaly designed engines, however they were produced strictly for NASCAR by Holman and Moody, which include the 427SOHC "cammer" and the 427DOHC engines. I'm glad you had sense enough not to mention these specially designed HEMI inspired engines. Anyone can put a cam on top of a cylinder head and call it a HEMI. Chrysler was able to do this with a traditional pushrod engine.

avatar   Fordguy   star   5/14/2009   6:08 PM

I may be a diehard Ford/5.0 guy but the LSx series engines make mad horsepower with very little effort. I have seen SRT-8 chargers beat Mustangs, 6 cylinder ones!! You people forget that the 5.0 Ford is what helped start the modern EFI performance that we know today. Oh Petey-part-timer, BTW, I can name 3 Ford engines that can stand up to a Mopar, 427, 428SCJ, and Boss 429!

avatar   IDC   star   5/13/2009   9:15 PM

Haha! There isn't anymore American Muscle, unless its been renovated, because the production cars of today will never hold the dreams/power/ etc of what yesteryears were. The Chargers were disappointing, 4 doors for one, and just a crappy body. I do like the new Challenger look but I won't call it American Muscle either, if it wasn't built about 30 or 40 years ago, I doubt its American Muscle, And the Viper, not so much American Muscle than just Awesome!

avatar   James   star   4/23/2009   7:00 PM

The only thing good about the new chargers is the SRT-8. there is no such thing as afour door muscle car. Dodge hasnt had a muscle car since the viper until the challenger.

avatar   Chris   star   4/23/2009   10:26 AM

I think the new SRT-8 Chargers are the bomb! Ive seen a 6 speed one smoke a stang and run with the big boy vettes!

avatar   petey part-timer   star   4/22/2009   5:03 PM

name one prodution ford engine that can stand up against a mopar, . there is none. you sound like the kind of guy who goes to the bottle for speed. putting a coffee can and sneeze valve on your three banger metro and sit in a parking lot like a real car guy. ther is no replacement for displacement.

avatar   Petey im-a-fart-timer-crybaby   star   4/22/2009   11:27 AM

LS1's are good but 5.0's arent junk. you sound like someone thats been beaten by one.

avatar   petey part-timer   star   4/18/2009   8:10 PM

5.0s are junk. anything ford is JUNK and they should go back to making tractors.long live the LS1. YAHOOOOOO!!!

avatar   Marshall   star   3/2/2009   4:13 PM

I miss the old 5.0 engines.

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