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Why is there not a lock nut included in my bearing kit?

The lock nut can be of different construction and functionality. In cases where the lock nut is not included in the wheel bearing kit, the locking nut may be reusable. Prior to replacement, examine the threads and nut for any signs of wear. Replace if any damage is present.


What kind of grease should I use for my bearing? 

The correct grease gives the product maximum life. A wheel bearing demands grease with special characteristics.


My bearing is equipped with a magnetic impulse ring for ABS. How can I be sure what side of the bearing the impulse ring is situated on and how should I turn the bearing when mounting?

 To determine on which side the impulse ring is located, use a thin, light metal object that you carefully place against the side of the bearing. The magnetism from the bearing will attract the object. Mount the bearing with the magnetic impulse ring toward the inside, against the ABS sensor. Be aware that incorrect mounting can lead to failure of the braking system to function properly. Don’t let the magnetic impulse ring be subjected to hits and bumps or make contact with other magnetic fields.


What torque specification should a lock nut have when mounting?

It is nearly impossible to give a general torque specification. There can be large differences depending on bearing type and housing. SKF recommends using the torque given by the car manufacturer’s recommendations.


— Courtesy of SKF

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avatar   johnny   star   4/25/2009   12:49 PM

what's all the hub-bub, bub?

avatar   Betie   star   4/23/2009   3:52 PM

Hey guys! Great info... and good points! Hey Jimmy you have posted in other spots and are always and a**! I am very glad that it is people like yourself who do not tend to make it in this business! Marshall thank you, some people who have never had to deal with this type of bearing will find that very useful and it is something good to pass along to my customers!

avatar   Jonathan   star   4/12/2009   1:37 PM

I have two problems with this page, one, the question about the bearing grease, am i the only one who noticed that the question was what type of grease should be used, and not why, and also, this is supposed to be a place where others can learn something. This has started to become a place to cut down others, and in turn lost its purpose, you should all be very proud of yourselves.

avatar   Pete   star   4/1/2009   4:44 PM

The point of the article was to answer bearing FAQs that not everyone is aware of. Surprisingly Jimmy, not everyone knows every possible there is to know about the automotive aftermarket. Although I'm sure you are indeed a god among counterman, i can also assume your co-workers are afraid to tap into your wealth of knowledge in fear of having douchebaggery like this brought down on them.

avatar   Pete   star   4/1/2009   4:27 PM

The article was made to answer some FAQs that not everyone is aware of. Surprisingly, not everyone in the world knows everything there is to know about bearings like you, Jimmy, so they need to ask questions. I'm sure that although you are a god among countermen, most of your co-workers are afraid to tap into your endless knowledge in fear you will come down on them with douchebaggery equal to what you displayed here.

avatar   ASE Tech   star   3/26/2009   10:03 PM

Guys, can't we all just get along? We're all in the same business, no reason to be douchebags to each other. I'm probably the smartest one out of all of you, but I'm not going to make fun of anyone because of their stupidity. It isn't their fault they don't know about this stuff, so maybe you should help them learn instead of putting them down for their lack of knowledge. Or you can keep being a jerk, and we'll all just talk behind your back about you....

avatar   David   star   3/19/2009   11:07 AM

Yeah, you sound like the biggest jerk i've ever seen on here! Why is it everytime time i read what people submit there it always one smarta** that has to talk trash about what other people say? Marshall has a good point and you have NO point! If this is the direction this industry is going with salesmen we are all in trouble!

avatar   Chris   star   3/19/2009   10:48 AM

WOW Jimmy! I only see one person on here being a thinks-he-knows-it-all and showing his a** and stupidity, as you put it. Tell me where you work so I know where not to shop!!!

avatar   Jimmy   star   3/19/2009   10:12 AM

This is the dumbest bunch of s**t I've ever read! Quit acting like you Know what you're talking about Marshall. I can assure you, your stupidity shows through. When did it become cool to talk out of your a** about that which you know nothing? Just because you're the smartest one in the store doesn't change the fact that your ignorant. The corporate boob that wrote this article should walk out of the secretary pool into the real world once in a while.

avatar   SEG   star   3/9/2009   5:48 PM

As long as the BFH is used for tool in shops there will be warranties no matter if young tech or the old seasoned vet with an ASE patch on his shoulder is doing the repair.

avatar   SEG   star   3/9/2009   5:48 PM

As long as the BFH is used for tool in shops there will be warranties no matter if young tech or the old seasoned vet with an ASE patch on his shoulder is doing the repair.

avatar   Marshall   star   3/2/2009   4:03 PM

The magnetic impulse bearings should come with a marking or something on them to let installers or D.I.Y.ers know which side it is if they dont know how to check. Ive seen refunds before with the customer not knowing the problem and Petey Part-timer not knowing how to check it.

avatar   Steve   star   2/27/2009   7:33 PM

maybe discuss some of the grease characteristics, and conventional or synthetic needs to be used

avatar   Chris   star   2/26/2009   5:55 PM

Great Info thanks SKF

avatar   tom   star   2/23/2009   3:43 PM

hi jason

avatar   jason s.   star   2/21/2009   5:09 PM


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