I have a 2006 Corolla. I took it into shop and they said that my sway bar links in the rear were broken and my shocks in the back were leaking. How could I prevent that from happening in the future?


Since there are no readily available recalls on the issue, we have to assume this is a rare problem. The question is the roads and the way the car is driven. If the links were broken to begin with, they could have allowed too much side-to-side motion, which would attribute to premature wear on the shocks.  

Something to remember about shocks: They are like your eyesight — they gradually deteriorate to the point that you may not notice a problem until it is so bad that it is a serious problem.  

Mileage has a bearing on the issue as well. But, it appears to be a rare condition that a good technician can fix to a point you should not be overly concerned.  

Gerald Wheelus
Edgewood Auto Parts #253
Edgewood, Texas

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