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Schumacher Electric Introduces 80-Amp Fast Charger: INC-800A

Schumacher Electric Corporation announces a new addition to the DSR Industrial family of battery charger products and accessories. The INC-800A Battery Charger has an industry-leading 35-minute charge that returns a battery to service by supplying up to 80 amps while the customer waits.

This unit is microprocessor-controlled for faster, smarter and safer charging, has Thermal Runaway Protection (patent-pending technology) and automatically reconditions sulfated batteries. It's capable of doing a fast charge to quickly get a battery back into service or a full charge to charge the battery to 100 percent capacity. It is designed for 6- and 12-volt power sport, flooded, AGM, and gel cell batteries, including spiral cell, orbital and Optima batteries.

The large LCD display gives easy-to-read instructions along with showing the battery voltage and countdown time of charge time remaining. This unit has a heavy duty, but compact design and is ready to bring back deeply discharged batteries.

For more information, visit Schumacher Electric Corporation.

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