Article > Opinion and Counterman Magazine Are Now on Twitter!

By Mark Phillips

Mark Phillips

It was bound to happen. and Counterman magazine are now on Twitter!

If you don't know what Twitter is, it's OK. It's basically like text messaging for the Internet.

If the editorial staff of and Counterman magazine find something noteworthy, we send out what are called "tweets" that alert readers to what's happening on either the Web site or in the industry.

Give it a try. It's free!



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avatar   bicuspid   star   2/27/2010   7:24 PM

well dan your talking about doing something constructive with your time but like the others on twitter you're doing the same thing on here wasting your time or company time if you're on the job flapping your gums so i guess you're just like everybody else

avatar   Mr. O'Reilly   star   1/15/2010   3:01 PM

Tweet tweet!

avatar   Dan   star   12/3/2009   6:50 PM

I guess it's a sign of the times: instead spending their time do something constructive, people want to just "twitter about" anymore.

avatar   Wolfe   star   8/1/2009   2:09 PM

Now here is something that I really do not understand. It is like an Instant Messenger or texting on a phone, but with less convenience than either. Even if you have a phone that can instantly "Twit" you are limited on how many people you can actually reach.

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