Is the balance shaft assembly necessary in a 2.4 GM ecotech? Since it is chain-driven it should have no effect on the crankshaft balance. Would there be any horsepower gain from eliminating the balance shafts and adding an external oil pump?


I-4 cylinder engines are hard to balance because of longer power pulse
intervals and tend to cause vibration as they get larger in displacement. A
2.4 is considered large displacement. I-6 and V-8 engines have closer power
pulses and tend to be much smoother; V-6 engines are somewhere between the
others. Don't remove the balance shaft chain. The balance shaft simply
rotates, is virtually frictionless and counterweights the long intervals
making the "big 4" engine very smooth. The ECOTECH 4-cylinder turbocharged
engines used in IHRA Drag Racing put out over 1200 horsepower — with the balance
shaft turning!

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