Genuine Parts Company Announces New President U.S. Automotive Parts Group


Tom Gallagher, Chairman, President and CEO of Genuine Parts Company announced July 6 that Paul D. Donahue has been named President of the U.S. Automotive Parts Group effective immediately.

ATLANTA, July 6 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Tom Gallagher, Chairman, President and CEO of Genuine Parts Company (NYSE: GPC), announced July 6 that Paul D. Donahue has been named President of the U.S. Automotive Parts Group effective immediately. Mr. Donahue was previously responsible for several of the Company's automotive business units, a role he assumed upon election to the position of Executive Vice President of the Company in August 2007.

Mr. Donahue, age 52, joined S. P. Richards Company, the Company's office products group, as Executive Vice President - Sales and Marketing in 2003. Prior to that, Mr. Donahue was President of Sanford North America, a division of Newell Rubbermaid. Mr. Gallagher commented, "Paul Donahue's proven leadership and experience in the office products industry made him a great addition to the S. P. Richards' management team. He was quickly promoted to President and Chief Operating Officer of S. P. Richards Company, a position he held until his election to Executive Vice President of Genuine Parts Company in 2007. Over the past two years, Paul has provided strong leadership to several of our automotive business units, including: Rayloc, our remanufacturing operation; Balkamp, our repackaging group; Auto Todo, our Mexican aftermarket business; and Altrom, our import parts distribution operation. He also led our global sourcing initiative and he has gained valuable automotive aftermarket experience."

"As President of the U.S. Automotive Parts Group, Paul will have responsibility for the entire U.S. Automotive network of 58 distribution centers and 1,100 company owned stores, and he will work to further develop and strengthen relationships and growth opportunities with the nearly 4,800 independently owned NAPA AUTO PARTS stores. We are pleased to have a proven executive like Paul Donahue on the GPC team and at the helm of our U.S. Automotive Parts Group. He will be leading an extremely capable management team and we can look forward to solid progress from this important segment of the Company in the future," said Mr. Gallagher.

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avatar   chris   star   8/7/2009   3:57 PM

playa that makes no sense. if you dont have employes how do you get parts sold,moved,deliverd,all of that? thats like taking a crap and not wiping after you are done lol

avatar   Dan   star   8/4/2009   3:24 PM

Businesses are established to make a profit, not provide employement. Employment is a benefit of profit.

avatar   Gio   star   7/30/2009   1:55 PM


avatar   chris   star   7/27/2009   11:04 AM

im at the oriellys here doing commercial sales to all the shops and i love it im making more money and have better benifits

avatar   Cory   star   7/23/2009   5:09 PM

Sorry for the loss man, Find your local O'reilly and join one team moving forward

avatar   chris   star   7/22/2009   12:34 PM

the main reason that it pissed me off is because 2days after thanksgiving they showed up and closed it up. wouldnt you be mad if you lost your job rite after thanksgiving and weeks before christmas. they really showed me how much they care.

avatar   Rich   star   7/20/2009   6:23 PM

Chris.....Do you know the EXACT reason that they closed your store down? Lack of performance, oversaturation of the market in terms of stores in a particular area? I would really like to know the answer before you come on here and bash NAPA. I grew up in an independent family owned auto parts business. This store was passed from my grandfather to my father and will be passed onto me as well. We went NAPA in 1994 and it was the best business decision we ever made. NAPA does want more independent owners for 1 obvious reason, capital. NAPA corporate doesn't have to pay for the rent, utilities, and inventory. But if you want to talk about a big company...Advanced, O'Reilly's, Pep Boys, Autozone all have larger corporate structures than does NAPA. They have a vast majority of corporate owned stores if not all of them. NAPA has obviously made many good decisions over the years to be a 84-year old company now. So before you bash NAPA as a big company, please recheck your facts.

avatar   tod   star   7/9/2009   1:17 PM

sorry about your loss chris , they don't care about us little fish.

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