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Frost & Sullivan recognizes Autologue Computer Systems Inc. with the 2009 Industry Innovation & Advancement of the Year Award


Autologue successfully develops and markets technology solutions that foster growth for business in the aftermarket. Also, the company has launched various initiatives that drive the aftermarket to adopt successful emerging technologies.
Autologue successfully develops and markets technology solutions that foster growth for business in the aftermarket. Also, the company has launched various initiatives that drive the aftermarket to adopt successful emerging technologies.

Autologue’s Technology Products Improve Suppliers’ Efficiency and Productivity

Autologue offers many technology solutions for warehouse distributors, jobbers and installers in the automotive aftermarket. They include AIS Computer Systems, AUTOLOGUE, DATATRON, Price Genie,  e-Part Online ordering, ePaperlessOffice and eDelivery – all aimed at providing a user-friendly interface while ensuring an increase in business efficiency and productivity. Recently, the company has updated its product line with new e-business solutions such as ePayables, eDataAnalysis, and GUI (Graphical User Interface) POS interface.

Autologue’s ePaperlessOffice software solution helps its customers save time and money that is otherwise spent on labor-intensive back-office processes. In addition, they allow users to view, search, print or email business documents and transactions around the clock. Autologue’s eDelivery software solution helps its customers control drivers’ performance and accountability by using GPS tracking and cell phone signature capture devices. In addition, the Installer can instantly view time ordered, time dispatched and a detailed list of parts being delivered.

All of its technology solutions involve zero to minimal up-front costs to the customer, ensuring that pricing is not a limitation to technology adoption, even in a period of economic slowdown. Products may be installed as “bolt-on,” “hookup” or “integrated to” any existing management system. The availability of such affordable and user-friendly technological tools is a significant milestone for the automotive aftermarket, where companies have often been reluctant to adopt new technologies.

Autologue Uses Technology to Address Common Industry Issues in the Aftermarket

Some manufacturers are no longer providing price sheets to their warehouse distributors. With this in mind, Autologue is providing their Web Genie portal to W/D’s that need to supply net pricing information to their jobbers, at no charge. Published pricing information is available Online through the Web Genie portal at a nominal fee.
Autologue’s e-business solutions allow aftermarket companies to use the Internet to enhance supplier-customer relationships, reduce operating expenses by automating back-office processes, and eliminate problems arising from the loss of physical documents and delays in business transactions. This results in higher productivity and profits.

Autologue utilizes multiple co-location facilities to house their eCommerce servers. These facilities, one in California and one in Iowa, are connected by T1 with data replication, redundancy, scalability and auto failover capabilities protected by diesel generators to avoid service losses caused by power outages or Internet failure. This guarantees there is 97.6% uptime and customers continue to have full access to data under all conditions.

Customer feedback is given high priority. Users are encouraged to submit their ideas to the company to enhance their product offerings. Autologue has weekly meetings to discuss customer feedback, feasibility, development, deployment and marketing.

Autologue offers potential customers a 30-day free trial and a 100 percent money-back guarantee to encourage them to try its products. They use a single page agreement, no long-term contracts and month to month billing. Autologue makes it easy to do business with their customers. They provide service the “old fashioned way” using professional technicians that answer the phones on the 2nd or 3rd ring, no auto attendant phone systems. This service is available 24/7/365. Autologue prides itself in having an average employee tenure of 13.7 years.

The company provides eCommerce marketing support to their Jobber/Distributor customers by providing flyers and introductory letters customized with each company’s logo, and email campaigns to build confidence in its technology to their installers’ customers.

Autologue Uses Technology to Promote Awareness and Advancement of the Automotive Aftermarket

Autologue uses its e-business technology to promote the awareness and advancement of the automotive aftermarket. For example, the company makes its online management system software products available to high schools, colleges, and trade schools so students can learn about technology used in the aftermarket. It includes all online access and technology support. Autologue also participates in a “Recruiting Career Week” through which parts stores, repair shops, and other aftermarket suppliers can contact local schools to generate interest and exposure among students to their businesses.

The company also participates in informational webinars, one-on-one consulting sessions, and on-site visits to support its product and service offerings.

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