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New Type of 'Guess the Car' Contest Is Coming Soon to Counterman

By Mark Phillips

Mark Phillips

The wildly popular "Guess the Car" contest, which appears in Counterman magazine and online here at, is going to have some competition.

There's going to be another "Guess the Car" contest coming soon.

The prize money is the same: $50.

But the contest clues will be a little different.

We'll keep you posted.

(Just to be clear: There will soon be two contests, I wouldn't dare take away the current contest!)

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avatar   Jack Daniels   star   4/12/2010   9:40 PM

Acctually the Packard wasn't the first answer to be a make and not a model. There was also Isuzu and Peugeot as answers in September and November.

avatar   Jack Daniels   star   3/29/2010   11:06 PM

What american car originally came available with a all aluminum 215CI V8.

avatar   Gabe   star   3/1/2010   4:07 PM

DAMN!! That turbo car totally eluded my mind.

avatar   Chris   star   2/25/2010   4:55 PM

Nope. The very first version of the Buick Grand National V-6

avatar   Gabe   star   2/14/2010   3:40 PM

I'm going to guess? A rotary motor?

avatar   Chris   star   2/12/2010   4:45 PM

What American engine prototype came from the factory with a draw-through carburetor and a non-intercooled turbocharger?

avatar   Gabe   star   2/12/2010   1:34 PM

I heard the first variable valve timing car was actually a mercedes, but Honda made it work. As for the truck question? No idea! Answers to my questions were the Koeneggseg, and the '89 Honda Civic! SOme might have said NSX but I didn't say U.S.

avatar   Nate Lewis   star   2/10/2010   1:48 PM

I remember hearing somewhere that Honda used a lot of the VTEC-type technology initially developed by Ferrari, or vice-versa, it's been too long for me to be sure.

avatar   Nate Lewis   star   2/10/2010   12:19 PM

No idea on the two Gabe posted below, but here's one of my own: Who did Enzo Ferrari claim produced the fastest trucks on the planet? (Hint: It was one of the few manufacturers active in the 1920's and 1930's that still produces cars today)

avatar   Gabe   star   2/9/2010   5:58 PM

Ok 2 more. Saw this one on Top Gear. Car responsible for the fastest speeding ticket written in the U.S. I believe it was in Texas and it was around the 240 mph mark. Second one is somewhat of a trick question. First honda ever offered with VTEC?

avatar   Gabe   star   2/9/2010   5:55 PM

Yes it was the GT40 I get these 2 names mixed up but it was the Le Mans or Grand Prix in 68 or 69. I am sketchy on details on saw it on history channel. Model T was originally designed to run on Ethanol.

avatar   Nate Lewis   star   2/8/2010   12:32 PM

Gabe- If my memory serves correctly, the car would be the Ford GT40 racing sometime in the 60's. No idea on the original Model T fuel, probably whale oil or some such nonsense.

avatar   Gabe   star   2/2/2010   2:19 PM

I got 2 new questions for ya. What car and car company pissed off Enzo Ferrari royally when their cars came in 1st, 2nd, & 3rd in a race. Also, what was the Ford Model T originally designed to run on. Meaning what fuel?

avatar   Gabe   star   2/1/2010   1:42 PM

Ok the 409 cam in the Impala and Biscayne exact years I am unsure but I believe it was 60-62. There was a 348 based off the same block that was in the earlier Impalas. R & V were designators for the Chevy C & K pickups in '87.

avatar   Shaar   star   10/26/2009   7:02 PM

There should definitely be more interactive games and more trivia. Maybe with a points system and user names to log in and save points with a leaderboard as well. Winning money and prizes isn't necessary. I'd rather just compare myself to others and prove I'm better than them based on my points.

avatar   BOB BARKER   star   10/14/2009   12:08 PM


avatar   Dan   star   10/3/2009   12:04 PM

Dylan, just so you know: 409 was early 60's, but they had a smaller version (348) in late 50's and 60/61. R pickups are 2wd and v's are 4wd.

avatar   Tony   star   9/10/2009   9:50 PM

bring it on! the more contests the better!

avatar   Dylan   star   9/5/2009   2:40 PM

409 was in early 60's and later 50 chevrolets ( i may be off on the 50's but i know the 60's is right). and its is an R on the truck. I think there is also something to do with a "V" in 87 also.

avatar   Mark Phillips   star   9/2/2009   8:40 AM

OK guys... Keep an eye out... I think it's going to be a fun contest. (Plus 50 bucks never hurts!)

avatar   Cayson J   star   9/1/2009   11:58 AM

Bring it on, Mark!

avatar   Ryan   star   8/29/2009   9:41 PM

I agree with Steve, any type of contest would be fun. Just to keep people awake during those long slow nights. They don't even have to pay!

avatar   Gabe   star   8/28/2009   4:23 PM

I agree with steve need something to do on my lunch break when I have already read alot of this. Like car trivia! Like what cars did the 409 come in? Or in '87 Chevy trucks were not called c or k! What were they called?

avatar   Steve   star   8/25/2009   12:39 PM

COOL! I love those kinda games! You should make more stuff like that on here and they dont have to be paying contests. Anything interactive is good.

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