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Counterman Exclusive: ACDelco To Introduce 'Holy Grail' of Aftermarket E-Catalogs

By Mark Phillips

ACDelco began a full-court press to integrate VIN into its catalog in this manner several months ago, when it began soliciting bids from various catalog providers.
Mark Phillips

ACDelco is introducing what it believes is the “Holy Grail” of aftermarket e-catalogs — parts illustrations, application information and VIN information all on one screen — according to Steve Sigg, ACDelco eBusiness manager. “Our intention is to provide the catalog to anyone who is selling our products,” he said.

ACDelco began a full-court press to integrate VIN into its catalog in this manner several months ago, when it began soliciting bids from various catalog providers. Bids came in and the vendor was recently chosen, however, the vendor’s name hasn’t been revealed.

In addition to VIN lookup, the new catalog will feature GM Regular Production Option (RPO) codes (sometimes called “service parts identification codes”) that reveal almost every feature a vehicle was built with.

Why’s VIN so important? It’s the DNA of an automobile and being able to decode it takes the guesswork out of finding parts, for one thing.

Not only does having VIN-assisted look-up lead to choosing the correct part every time, it’s much faster than eyeing up parts or cross-referencing between various information sources.

Expect others to follow ACDelco’s lead.

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avatar   ReubenB   star   12/4/2009   4:54 PM

I do work for a O'Reilly store. The vin decoder is helpful if the customer does not know anything about the car. However it doesn'n seem to narrow down brakes, undercar or emmisions.

avatar   Mike Kennedy   star   11/30/2009   6:53 PM

DaimlerChrysler has had this VIN filtering available in their dealerships since early 2001. It is called STAR parts and replaced the old PAIS system. When a tech or service writer brings you a work order, all you need is the vin to filter down to the EXACT muffler bearing you need. (SARCASM) Now that this is being offered in the aftermarket, like anything, it will take time and patience to work the bugs out. It will prove beneficial in the long run, as did STAR parts with Mopar dealers. As for OReilly's vin filtering system, its serviceable, and it does save time when the customer has all the CORRECT vin information. Its only as good as the info you put in it.....

avatar   DAVE ELLIOTT   star   11/20/2009   12:38 PM

Ed I don't know where you are getting help from VIN on the OReilly system. I just tried to enter a vin on one of my delivery trucks and found that it yeilds absolutely nothing on the catalog screen (F10 Vin information) that is on a late model ford Ranger. Maybe your Infinity system is more advanced and you have some updates I don't have yet, but its boobs on a boar hog useless to me.

avatar   Ed   star   11/18/2009   4:04 PM

ReubenB, or go to work for O'Reilly's/CSK. VIN look up has been an integral part of our catalog system since leaving the legacy system. EXTREMELY helpful when there is a language barrier and all is presented to you is a title/registration.

avatar   ReubenB   star   11/15/2009   5:57 PM

Now we get to wait another twenty years for it to trickle down to the retail counters...

avatar   Ronnie. E   star   11/12/2009   2:33 PM

I had this idea for over 15 years, nobody thought it would catch on. I should get a royalty.

avatar   Gio B.   star   11/2/2009   4:36 PM

It's about time!!!! Only like 20 years behind on te technology but better late than never.

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