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Affinia Files Petition for Federal Rotor Standards


ANN ARBOR, Mich. — Affinia Group Inc. announced that it has filed a petition requesting the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to begin rulemaking toward adoption of a first-ever Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard for brake rotors.

In November, Affinia settled the false advertising lawsuits it filed against Dura International and CRW Inc. The parties agreed to resolve their differences by entering into mutual consent judgments which prevent them from advertising that their rotors meet or exceed original equipment performance standards unless they possess scientifically reliable and objectively verifiable engineering tests. As a result of the settlement, Dura is no longer a target of Affinia's lightweight rotor campaign.

The petition for a Safety Standard is the latest step in Affinia's ongoing Public Awareness Campaign to bring to light important safety issues affecting aftermarket auto parts and to push for effective action where necessary. The new Safety Standard that Affinia seeks from NHTSA would require all rotors sold in the United States to meet minimum performance standards for structural strength and crack-resistance under rigorous laboratory testing. No such mandatory standard exists in the U.S. today, although rotors are a critical component of a vehicle's most important safety feature, its brake system.
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avatar   raul    star   1/3/2010   2:27 PM

it's about time that some one thinks about something other than the DOLLAR...let see here it only your life or your kids.

avatar   DAVE ELLIOTT   star   12/30/2009   9:58 AM

most accounts or individuals will not buy the up-sell rotor. It is time for the manufacturers to be held accountable. I've had many of them returned without many miles on them due to warp issues. All I can do is just back them up under warranty and encourage the shops to use the better grade to aviod come backs. But usually they just want to file a labor claim on them and be upset when the manucfacturer does not stand behind them. How cheaply can I take my life into my own hands with my brakes?

avatar   will   star   12/21/2009   8:56 AM

Nothing worse than cheap rotors with no safety standard. Price Low, Sell Up

avatar   Chris   star   12/11/2009   3:53 PM

Finally! It's high time that someone holds these cheap rotor manufacturers to some sort of standard. I have seen many poorly-made, composite rotors that literally disintegrate after less than a year's use, WITH proper maintenance on the rest of the system. They should have set a regulation years ago.

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