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Green Earth Technologies inks deal


Green Earth Technologies (GET), a leading manufacturer and marketer of “green” environmentally safe consumer packaged goods and products, has announced a distribution deal with Green Planet Products LLC, of Schenectady, N.Y. (GPP). Under the agreement, GPP will be the bulk distributor of the full line of “G”-branded products in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, penetrating various market segments such as automotive manufacturers, car rentals, municipalities, schools and hospitals. Green Planet Products is an affiliated company of the Galesi Group, which has bulk infrastructure facilities as well as truck and rail systems already in position in the North East and Mid-Atlantic.
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avatar   Paul   star   1/30/2010   2:09 PM

If I recall correctly, back in the 1980's they were predicting a mini Ice Age. I do think it is a good idea to "Go Green". Just because the earth will still be here doesn't mean it will be as nice a place to live if we don't cut down on the Pollution we are generating.

avatar   Steve   star   1/29/2010   3:14 PM

I am so tired of hearing about "GO GREEN"! The earth was here before us and will be here long after us. Nothing we can do will change the way this planet is. Even scientist (the smart ones) say that global warming and all this "green" hasn't and won't effect the world. The planet has life cycles and changing seasons that have been around before us.

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