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Green Earth Technologies Seals Deal


Green Earth Technologies announced that its G-OIL Ultimate Biodegradable green motor oils will now be sold at Honest-1 Auto Care, a national full-service auto repair and maintenance franchise chain.
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avatar   Tom   star   3/8/2010   11:14 AM

They do make green oil. I believe it's Kendall.

avatar   Tad   star   3/4/2010   11:59 PM

Royal Purple is good stuff. The purple dye is a gimmick, but the oil itself is good. Not the best out there, but better than your run of the mill name brand synthetic (which usually isn't a true synthetic). Oil refining has come a long way in 50 years.

That said, I don't really feel comfortable putting something in my crankcase that's designed to degrade. I want it NOT to degrade.

avatar   Not Tom   star   2/26/2010   9:48 PM

Remember way back when, when there was only one type of oil, and it was black! Don't forget this stuff that looks like sweet tea, would you pour sweet tea in your motor, bo? Back then, oil came in cans, much like peaches, and they were put there by a man.. in a factory downtown. Nowadays you even have this purple oil! That Vin Diesel fella ran it in his Toyota Supra, remember? What is the world coming to?! What next? Green oil? Blue oil?

avatar   Ferran   star   2/25/2010   12:01 PM

Why don't they sell it at other major chains?

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