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Bosch Releases Mounting System for ICON Bracketless Blades


BROADVIEW, Ill. — Following the release and subsequent success of the Aerotwin OE bracketless wiper blades and the ICON premium aftermarket bracketless wiper blade developed by Bosch, the auto parts manufacturer has developed several new OE-style wiper arm connector types for bracketless blades.

The ICON blade features a patented bracketless design, aerodynamic wind spoiler and dual rubber compound, and offers 91 percent coverage of vehicles in operation 1995 and newer in the United States and Canada.

“To help eliminate confusion and promote foolproof installation of ICON bracketless blades on these new wiper arm connector types, Bosch has developed the new 'ICON OE Solutions’ interface on ICON bracketless blades, featuring a unique mounting system for OE top lock and side lock applications,” said Tom Vasis, group product manager, wiping systems for Bosch.
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avatar   Tom   star   3/1/2010   1:49 PM

That's Funny. I'm not so sure there are still only 32 registered. If you listen to the police scanner around my parts. Always here not registered to that tag or owner wrong no insurance. NO COMPRENDAY!! Pardin my spanish ha ha

avatar   Ed   star   2/26/2010   9:41 PM

Tom, remember when you first started in auto parts and there were only 32 cars registered in the US?

avatar   Tom   star   2/17/2010   4:37 PM

How many more stinking wiper blades do we need. Remember when you had two kinds of blades. Those you had and those you ordered. You had single blades and who can forget those bright red double blades. Crocket had those on his Daytona Spider didn't he.

Best wiper ever invented RAIN-X and drive fast!!

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