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ContiTech Opens State-of-the-Art Plant in China


Germany-based ContiTech AG inaugurated its recently completed, state-of-the-art development, production, sales and administrative facility in Changshu, China. The site is about 100 kilometers northwest of Shanghai.
Changshu, China — March 10 — Germany-based ContiTech AG inaugurated its recently completed, state-of-the-art development, production, sales and administrative facility in Changshu, China. The site is about 100 kilometers northwest of Shanghai.

Wang Xiang, Party Secretary of Changshu CPC Committee, and Heinz-Gerhard Wente, CEO of ContiTech AG, officiated at the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The plant opening marks a key milestone for the future of the company in China. In his welcoming remarks, Wente highlighted the importance of the location for customers in China and for ContiTech itself, one of the world’s leading specialists for rubber and plastics technology: “Changshu is the new productive heart for our customers in China. We are creating here a forward-looking strategic center for our long-term operations in Asia. Our roots may be in Germany, but we have long since made ourselves at home here as well and see a key portion of our future viability in China.”

Initially, three business units — Air Spring Systems (air suspension systems), Fluid Technology (hoses and hose line systems) and Vibration Control (including acoustic insulation) — are commencing operations here. An almost €40 million investment, the facility will produce mainly for the Chinese and other Asian markets. A further phase of expansion and erection, including a rubber compounding center for the location, are slated for the future.

Long-term and successful engagement for and in China
ContiTech has been active in China for 30 years. With components and systems – such as hose lines, vibration components, air springs, soft trim, conveyor belts, drive belts and coated fabrics – produced within the country at currently nine modern production plants, ContiTech very successfully services the needs of the automotive industry, machine and plant engineering and construction, mining, the printing industry and rail transportation.

The company has 1,200 employees in China. In the face of a severe global economic crisis, ContiTech was able to up sales in China 34 percent in fiscal 2009. The long-range target is to more than double current sales volume in China by 2014, boosting it from €133 million at present to approximately €300 million.

Unique advantages for Chinese industry

China is viewed as one of ContiTech's key markets in the coming decades. “The country’s need for technological innovations and advanced developments matches up perfectly with our more than 130 years of mature production and development know-how. We offer high-tech products made of rubber and plastic that provide our Chinese industrial partners immense effectiveness in developing solutions in the areas of mobility, energy production and efficiency, and environmental protection,” said Wente, underscoring the advantages for Chinese industry.

High-tech jobs with career opportunities

In China ContiTech combines its forward-looking engineering prowess with the expertise, experiences and qualifications of its Chinese executives and skilled employees. The company makes a point of filling key positions with qualified Chinese applicants. The rubber specialist offers its employees future-proof, high-tech-oriented professional fields, with a chance to learn from one of the major technology leaders and to pursue international careers.
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avatar   Jonathan   star   4/4/2010   12:17 PM

I know how u guys fill, I work at a n auto part place. When I sell something that say made in china, they wouldn't even by it. So then they ask me if we have something made in the usa, and then I let them know that we have very few stuff here made in the usa. That is very sad that I have to let my customers know that, and I agree with u guys that we need to have jobs here in the usa and forget those oversea companys.

avatar   kaptain amerika   star   3/25/2010   3:19 PM

I could care less about anything chinese. And what there doing, what plants they are getting etc. Everyone is in agreement on keeping the money and jobs here in america not overseas, and especially to a fricken communist country like china.

avatar   Hec   star   3/21/2010   6:15 PM

It's all about the almighty dollar. Its hard to upsell products because nowadays even our premium lines are manufactured overseas. Its all about cheap manufacturing and labor. I can't even remember the last time I spoke to an American customer service or tech support agent.

avatar   Will   star   3/18/2010   11:08 AM

What gets me Elliott, think of all the companies that started in the U.S. Not including those that have gone out of business, how many are still solely operating in the U.S.? I know companies always look for cheap labor, but most states offer HUGE tax offsets for builing/operating stateside.

avatar   Elliott   star   3/17/2010   5:29 PM

I agree with you on that Will. Alot of companies will do anything they can to avoid paying workers a living wage so they go overseas where labor is MUCH cheaper. A good place to start would be having American corporations keep jobs here.

avatar   WILL   star   3/16/2010   8:14 AM

Yeah Elliott, I know.I'm just getting tired of companies we sell parts for in a lot of markets go overseas. I just would like to see a big company build in the U.S. Hire a top notch crew and start giving back you know?

avatar   Elliott   star   3/15/2010   3:49 PM

Well Will, they are a German based company, I'm sure that America's best interests don't come to into play for them. If it was a US based business I could see your point.

avatar   Will   star   3/15/2010   2:07 PM

More money that could have done Americans some good. Don't the Chinese produce enough stuff already? We could use some jobs here......

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