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Gates Expands Line of Belt Drive and Cooling System Solution Kits


DENVER, Colo. – Gates Corp. has announced the availability of an expanded line of belt drive and cooling system solution kits for the automotive aftermarket. From belt jump-off to chronic belt noise and cooling system enhancements, these precision-engineered solution kits were developed to focus on a variety of engine operational issues on domestic and import vehicles. They address a wider range of applications and are tailored for specific models to include specially constructed belts, upgraded pulleys and tensioners and other belt drive and cooling system components.  
“Gates now offers a broader range of solution kits,” said Tom Trojan, Gates marketing manager. “These kits enable service technicians to enhance belt drive and cooling systems which, in some cases, can eliminate troublesome noise, or in other more severe cases prevent a roadside breakdown.” 
Service technicians are alerted to the issues that the solution kits address through technical service bulletins (TSBs). With Gates Solution Kits, technicians now have a viable option for improving engine performance on these applications throughout the life of their customer’s vehicle. Millions of people are driving their vehicles longer before purchasing a new one and as a result monitoring belt and cooling systems is critical for service technicians because of the wear and tear these miles represent and the maintenance they will require. 
Gates Solution Kits are available at local parts stores throughout the United States. For more information, contact a local Gates sales representative or distributor.

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