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Newly Repackaged FRAM Extra Guard Air Filters Offer Extended Engine Protection


DANBURY, Conn. -- FRAM is relaunching FRAM Extra Guard Air Filters with new packaging to highlight the brand's new Engine Protection claims. Engine Protection is the FRAM measure of a filter’s ability to trap dirt particles and keep them from entering the engine. FRAM Extra Guard air filters provide two times the engine protection compared to the average of leading standard retail brands, according to Honeywell testing of air filter efficiency of models CA4309, 8755A, 8039, 326 and 6479, and their standard retail brand equivalents under ISO 5011.  
Launching as part of the FRAM Engine Protection initiative, FRAM Extra Guard air filters will feature the Engine Protection filter rating to help make filter selection easier. New packaging was designed to help consumers and technicians understand the benefits of using the Extra Guard product.  
“Efficiency – the measure of how well the air filter captures harmful contaminants before they can enter the engine – is the key to quality air filter engineering,” said Gary Bilski, FRAM chief engineer. “Simply put, higher air filter efficiency can help lead to longer engine life. FRAM Extra Guard air filters can achieve at least 99 percent efficiency.” [Based on Honeywell testing of models CA4309, 8755A, 8039, 326 and 6479 under ISO 5011]  
In laboratory tests at the company’s Perrysburg, Ohio, R&D facility, the FRAM Extra Guard air filter allowed less than 1 percent of particles to escape through the filter into the engine, while the average of leading standard retail brands allowed more than twice that amount, the company said. This test result is behind the “2X Engine Protection” claim. 
To re-launch the product and help generate awareness for the distribution channel, the FRAM brand is launching a comprehensive television, radio and online media blitz during Spring’s National Car Care Month featuring NHRA driver Cory McClenathan. McClenathan, who is currently in the top three in the NHRA Points standings, will appear on TV and radio news shows April 22 and thereafter raising awareness of the new rating system and the importance of regular air filter maintenance, among other simple car care routines.   
Re-launching the Extra Guard air filter line is the second phase of the FRAM Engine Protection initiative.  
More information on FRAM air and oil filters can be found online at
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avatar   J Cline   star   5/13/2010   1:44 PM

Notice that they don't tell what size of particles they are trapping or what brands they are being compared to.

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