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Don't Drive Your Customers Away

By Mitch Schneider

There are too many people waiting to steal your customers.
Mitch Schneider
It’s hard to tell when what might seem like the most innocuous of phrases to someone else will be enough to send you into orbit. It isn’t like there is a countdown being called off in the background, and there is rarely a warning:

“Hi, Mitch… I just wanted you to know that the next time you call, someone from our company is going to say something so totally outrageous, so thoughtless and inappropriate; so off-the-wall, in fact, it’s likely to raise your blood pressure 30 points, or more! Don’t be alarmed… It isn’t personal. We just wanted to see what it would take to provoke you!”
It sounds absurd, doesn’t it? It is.

But if it does and if it is, you have to ask yourself why it happens as often as it does. And if the same person is responsible, and responsible more than once, then you have to ask yourself why that person would be allowed anywhere near a telephone! But, that is exactly what happened, and has happened to us. There are serious implications if you think this is something you can ignore, especially if there is unrest or uncertainty in the marketplace. And in our industry, you would have to ask yourself when isn’t there uncertainty or unrest in the marketplace.

There is an inherent danger in the belief that this is a game you can play and win — you can’t. There are too many people waiting to steal your customers.

These customers are being given away, if not driven away. The real question here is, how can you blame a competitor for making it easy for one of your customers to leave when you’ve made it almost impossible for them to stay? Case in point, we have a client who started out driving a bread truck. Actually, he drove a bread truck until he was able to expand the route. Then he bought a second bread truck and hired a driver — two routes, the “American Dream.” Finally, he expanded the route more still and subsequently purchased a third truck.

We take care of his existing “fleet,” and got the call to inspect and make roadworthy his most recent purchase — a 1999 Freightliner, MT 45, walk-in van. He purchased the van at a great price, which after a thorough inspection translated into lots of work for us. We are not a truck shop and we don’t handle a lot of fleet business. But we do take care of a lot of trucks for a lot of longtime, regular customers. We called our primary supplier ($6,000 to $9,000 per month) and got one of the managers on the phone. By this time, we had a substantial list and started by asking for price and availability on front and rear shocks.

Before you start shaking your head, we did not expect these to be “stock inventory.” We know not everyone is likely to have heavy duty truck shocks on the shelf for an application like this, but we did expect to be taken seriously. Perhaps this is what made the manager’s response quite so astounding: “Can’t help you. (Translate as: Don’t have ‘em… Ain’t gonna get ‘em! Time for you to move on!) I guess you’ll just have to keep fishin’…”

And cast a line into the water we did!

There is a new “gun” in town, a new dynamic thrown into the mix. This is a large, aggressive company with an insatiable desire to succeed and a history of accomplishing their objectives. They are focused on increasing their wholesale footprint in our market and have been doing everything, and I mean everything, they can to convince us they are serious about our business. They did what they were supposed to do when confronted with an odd or unusual request like ours. They asked for a few minutes with a promise to get back to us and get back to us they did.

They didn’t have the part. They could get it, but not in time. So they did the impossible, or at least, the unexpected. They told us they called another store down the street. They didn’t have it either, but they were willing to order it and have it the next day. They told me they could have ordered the shocks and then picked them up for us, but they would have had to add “margin” to the cost of the shocks and felt that wouldn’t be right. So, they just passed “the deal” over to us so that we could call direct, satisfy our customer, save a couple of dollars and still make a couple of bucks.

Think about that for a moment. A “fourth call” (not for long) called a “third call” (not for long either) and made arrangements for us to get what we needed while our “first call” told us to “keep fishin.’” The “third call” didn’t complain about why we hadn’t called them first, or even second, for that matter. They just did what they were supposed to do and got the parts.

I’m not going to say another word. I’m just going to ask you to think about what just happened here and then guess how our future calls are likely to be distributed. You don’t have to think about it this minute, either. There’ll be plenty of time after one of your customers suggests it may be time for you to “go fishin.’”

Mitch Schneider co-owns and operates Schneider’s Automotive Service in Simi Valley, CA. Readers can contact him at
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avatar   alex   star   6/11/2010   7:49 PM

I always make sure to tell customers that we are not licensed and not responsible for damage to their vehicles like when you have to take off 6 panels to get to a headlight the customer is begging you to put in the car since the dealership wants an hour and a half of labor since it takes about 30-45 minutes to get to it.

Customers thinks parts stores are shops or we will do anything shops can we dont we have shops business cards to hand out for that reason alone.

avatar   Jay   star   6/10/2010   6:56 PM

It was explained to me as doing work on customers cars as if it can be done in a timely manner and their is enough help in the store at all times. If these do not happen then it cannot be done that goes with wiper blades as well. It is up to the Manager on duty to make that call. If a battery is easy get ex. chevy ford truck yes Corvette no. Scanning a car for codes A big No conflicts of intrest with our shops.

avatar   THE REAL PARTS GUY   star   6/10/2010   12:46 PM


avatar   Peace Man!   star   6/9/2010   7:06 PM is putting on Wiper Blades for the customer considered "Working" on a car?

At the Manager's Conference this question was brought up along with Batteries. The CEO explained that Wiper Blade installation is one of the things we offer to our customers.

And if we "Dont Work on Cars" which the wiper blade is on a car and your working on it well explain that to the CEO or explain that to Store Manager which in turn will call his/her DM who will outright tell you "That we Do" and if you dont its insubordination.

Oh, and Yes you do get paid to work on cars if you are installing Wiper Blades. Tell me who wouldnt want to get paid while your in the rain putting on a set of Blades.

Im sure the Joe Cool was probably doing it as a "Courtesy" or he would of told her No. And he was offered $5 and refused it which im sure some of you would of taken it.(Which is against Policy).

Im not here have you all agree; infact i dont care. We do things cause we do it. We complain cause we complain. My 2 cents.

avatar   Kaptain Amerika   star   6/9/2010   4:14 PM

It's simple, I just send the lacky customers to one of my many referral shops and collect my commission each week for my referrals. Good money and taking care of my customer. "muhahahahahahhhhhaaaaa"

avatar   Greg   star   6/8/2010   7:21 PM

Joe Cool

You better take a look at what the green says you can and can not do to a customers car

avatar   parts guy   star   6/8/2010   5:31 PM

first thing how many of you even remember what the article is about,second how many of you are wasting company time writing this crap [me personally am on my lunch break],third how many of you really give a crap about the people you sell parts to? and last but not least anyone that says they are not in it for the money is full of it. you have to make aliving somehow some of us just enjoy it more than others. to all of you self rightous ***holes out there get over yourselves and do what you were put in there to dand serve the public. thank you and good day

avatar   Skip James   star   6/8/2010   3:56 PM

My favorite part of the day is installing a battery for a fully capable man. Im in a full sweat at the hottest part of the day and the battery is burried under the air filter box, all while he wathces me through the window. This job is freakin' SWEET!

avatar   Gabe   star   6/8/2010   3:18 PM

YES!! Thank you counterman censor person, for not censoring me! Not posting after a week. But I am still missing my comment to Joe Cool about not working on customer vehicles.

avatar   Joe Doe   star   6/7/2010   7:28 PM

"Shake and Bake is dead, i'm the Magic Man, now you see me now you don't"

avatar   disorder   star   6/7/2010   5:23 PM

it's the employees that are afraid to say no that have created customers that EXPECT us to assemble their mirror, change their bulbs, or do their brakes.

avatar   HOWARD G    star   6/7/2010   4:03 PM

Joe Cool reqad your traqining manual and your history of the green mafia. We don't do scan vehicles to read the dtc because that competes with our shop business. While you were outside in competiton with your shops did you get to sit down in a nice comy seat to put that mirror on?

avatar   Gabe   star   6/7/2010   3:43 PM

You know what is so awesome about this counterman comment section. Is maybe a week from now my comments will be posted. Well? Some of them! Some comments where the truth hurts sometimes get deleted.

Isn't it great that in our society where there are troops fighting for this country and your rights. Such as freedom of speech, freedom of press! You say the wrong thing, and your censored, written up, deleted, fired. Now I understand there is a time and place at work. I just think it is hilarious! How many people get offended and cry, PANSIES! I served my country, so all of us have these same rights. Too bad most business', Counterman censors, even our government try to keep a lid on it. Now counterman person reading this comment, go ahead and delete it now. Because I am not talking about the subject Mitch wrote about!

avatar   bill   star   6/5/2010   7:40 PM

joe cool we are not mechanics we dont get paid to work on peoples cars what happens when it falls off again are you gonna waranty the glue and do it for her again for nothing then what start doin brake jobs out front in the parking lot.

avatar   blank   star   6/4/2010   5:36 PM

thank you cool

avatar   Joe Cool   star   6/4/2010   11:12 AM

I Dont like it when a customer comes up to a TM and asks them for help like put on a Review Mirror and they tell them NO, but then the TM says "See if he will do it?" and pass the buck off to me.

Well i did do it for the customer but I tell you that TM's are sure lazy. That same customer came in and tried to give me $5.00 and i said no. I told her what comes around goes around. She was happy and so was the other customer who happened to listen in on the conversation and agreed with what i said.

If you want to get a "Raise" well STOP BEING LAZY and DO YOUR JOB and passing it off to someone else. By the way, that lazy person was an Asst. Mgr. and I gave her a piece of my mind for what she did.

I dont like alot of what the Green People expect from us but I dont like when I have to pick up someone elses slack yet complain about asking for a raise.

avatar   Crystal   star   6/3/2010   5:40 PM

Gabe makes interesting point, we do exceed sales every year yet the raises don't get any better we just get asked to do more. Oh lord a key machine what chaos would that cause. Wallyworld works wonders in that area.

avatar   Dave Elliott   star   6/3/2010   9:01 AM


bite your tongue!

thou knowest not what thou sayeth!

I remember back in the 70s, I had a key machine at Honey's Auto Parts (anybody remember them?) I had a dude come in to get a key made. He brought it back twice saying it would not work. On the third trip he asked me if I could make it just a little bit different because he was trying to get into his neighbor's apartment, but the key was for his apartment. Also, they take precious time away from a customer who might be really buying something not a dollar forty nine key.

avatar   zIggy   star   6/2/2010   8:46 PM

hey, here's a quickie,

how many times a day do you hear "do ya'll make keys?"

& Why don't we have a key machine, we do sell auto parts?

avatar   Beau   star   6/2/2010   5:37 PM

Gabe! You sound like Ray Zalinski from the move "Tommy Boy." He makes car parts for the American working man because that's what he is, and that's who he cares about.

Really though Gabe, I think that if you were to actually take all of your creative energy that you use to write these flashy and soap opera-esque comments and apply it to the O culture, you'll soon realize how big a mistake you've been making by not giving every customer a Hi-5 and never saying "No."

About not making any $, I use all of the tools I have available to me and I never have any issues. I always am at the top of every report out there, Spring Up-sell, Fishin' For Cash, Everdrive Top Fuel challenge, etc. It just seems to me like no one wants to try. I say Wo/Man up and everything will be just fine.

avatar   Gabe   star   6/1/2010   1:44 PM

I think Six Sigma is running for President! Vote Six Sigma in 2012!

Either that or he's a sheep that believes with the rest of the sheep. That he is actually doing something!

Newsflash corporations, and politicians are going to make decisions with or without you. The only motivator is greed. If it wasn't then why does every corporation say, "Well we did this much last year! Ok team great job, now let's see if we can beat that! So you beat last years sales, and so on.

While I was working memorial day, and really I have no idea why!? Because I seriously was looking for something I could have blown my brains out with, it was that dead! I bet corporate big wigs were at home grillin' or out on their boat in some lake in Springfield, MO. Not even thinking about why they had the day off.

Six Sigma this country isn't about the people anymore. It is about Me Me Me, and it is that way, because the corporate giants, and politicians do what they are going to do, and they don't care about you. Except when they say, "We care about you! The working man!" Make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside doesn't it!

avatar   Six Sigma Blackbelt   star   5/31/2010   7:58 PM

No wonder this country faces high unemployment, declining standard of living, out of control interest rates, major corp bailouts, unstable banking, and an overall poor performing economy.

Your sheer negativity I hear from all of you is why 'WE' are struggling, how about you forget who or what is to blame, and get to work fixing whats broken, so we can slow down to plan how we can rebuild with structure that is fiscally aggressive, deep and robust, built with a failsafe structure that corrects if faults arise.

Get the negative out of your head, find a way to make it happen, follow your instinct, move forward!

Its funny how we all get caught pointing fingers, to whoever is to blame, but do we do anything to fix it? No we stagnate, we even forget praise when a good thing is happening. Example, when I arrived at my current store, I was asked to turn it around. How is this for a new direction, triple gross sales in 6 months? yea thats what I can do, gladly, without recognition, title, or thanks, is it because I am somehow special? No I just give a ASDF! Work ethic, have it or don't, its not going to get any easier folks, lets make it better, continuous improvement through innovation.


avatar   elliott   star   5/26/2010   4:40 PM

Sergey, what is that you do that makes you so special? I'm guessing that strong written and oral communication skills aren't on the list. Newsflash, life isn't fair! If you expect it to be you're in for a rude awakening.

You think because you live in Seattle you're more intelligent than someone from a small town? That is a pretty arogant thing to say. Simply dumb. Arrogance is ignorance. I've lived in Chicago, San Diego and rural areas. Living in a major city does not make you smarter or more in touch with reality or visa versa.

avatar   Brad   star   5/25/2010   7:11 PM

I'll bet if you offered a discount for speaking english, many more would magically know how to speak it. I'm in law enforcement full-time...part time I sell parts. Same deal, they don't speak english unless it is beneficial to them. Notice I didn't single out a nationality, such as the one south of us!!!

avatar   Sasquatch   star   5/24/2010   1:44 PM

Also, Sergey, please tell me what retail company has a guarantee on the pay scale on their application. I think If a company did that, .50 cents a year raise every year for just working there, no effort required, a lot more people would want to apply there. Free money!!!

avatar   SASQUATCH   star   5/24/2010   1:35 PM

Sergey, you miss my point all together. The article is about making the effort to keep your customer happy and doing business with your establishment. The reason I keem repeating myself is because I believe that if a person has the attitude that the pay isn't what they want they will not put forth the effort. If you think I make what I think i deserve, then you are sorely mistaken. Even though, I still give my best every day to my customers and hope that it makes them happy. On another note, the next time you want to take what I say out of context and decide to insult me with stupid comments written in broken english so they sound even less intelligent, remember one thing, THEY DON'T CALL ME SASQUATCH FOR NOTHIN'!!! Besides, if you read the very first comment on the page, posted by the mystery person known as c.s.s., their thoughts are not far from my own. To borrow a quote, "YOU have to take care of YOUR customer, or your COMPETITION will. That is what makes YOU extraordinary. Not how much PAY you think you are required to perform your job. You signed the application. Just do your job. Take care of your customer." There you have it...

avatar   J@y   star   5/22/2010   5:43 PM

Jess, not all people are like that just the Democrats. I don't really care what color you are everyones blue. When they come into this country and wave their home country flag and demand right that Americans don't even get. Thats wrong!! Do you know what you will get if you go into any other country illegally and get caught. Just walking across most country boarders illegally will get you shot or you disappear to their prison camps as what ever they want. I'm all for the ones that do it legal and make better lives for them and their families...

avatar   Six Sigma Blackbelt   star   5/22/2010   5:16 PM

Mitch, thank you for all you do, orders, comments, and just being am all around interesting person.

I happen to have intimate knowledge about the source to this post, and would like to thank Mitch for taking the time to appreciate hard work. In order to have competition one's opponent must be of the same caliber, do you need any more confirmation that Oreilly is in a league of their own?

avatar   sergey   star   5/21/2010   6:17 PM

By the way, Sasquatch, since you are so like to repeat yourself (Retail pay is based on your perfomance) maybe somewhere south where you can like your sister much, but around here it's different, and i suggest you find out how we live around here first before you make such a long going statements. best regards.

avatar   Mike S.   star   5/21/2010   5:11 PM

Holy Cr@p,

Immigration, Politics, Salaries, Attitude, Language Barriers, Customers' stupidity, Customers' stupidity(yes I said that one twice!!), Name Calling, Whinning, Moaning, Insanity. What the heck was the article about?????????????????????????? LMAO LMAO LMAO LMAO

My brain hurts!!!! I go to sleep now. It's Beer30!! HOORAYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

avatar   Kevin   star   5/20/2010   11:57 PM

according to the last company i worked for, money isnt a good motivator. i had to laugh when i heard that!!

avatar   SASQUATCH   star   5/20/2010   12:43 PM


avatar   Jess   star   5/20/2010   11:26 AM

Jay let me put it in terms you can understand since you seem to have a vested interest in what I am. I am an American born to a Mexican couple, I will say this my parents never asked the government for anything whatever they had they got it through hard work and I sincerely appreciate the sacrifice they went through to give their kids a better life, also check your facts, because most people that I see taking advantage of the programs designed for people in need are and it saddens me to say this; born in this country that are too lazy to find work or unwilling to work for minimum wage I see a bunch of women able to work with a half dozen kids just milking the system, why should they look for work when having a bunch of kids is very profitable. I say the government should only provide these types of programs for a max of a year while training these people for a job and training them to be good parents so that their kids do not grow up to be like them a drain in the economy.

avatar   sergey   star   5/19/2010   5:05 PM

elliot, you right, it's America, and the money is the only language here UNFORTUNATELLY. Well then, if you want me to make Money, you gonna have to pay me Money. I like it as much as our bosses do, end of a story.

avatar   tiny   star   5/18/2010   6:14 PM

there comes a point at which it ceases to be about customer service and becomes about how many rules one is willing to bend to sell the part. I've often heard my installer customers ask for more than the store is obligated to give, yet they hinge their future patronage on our willingness to bend.

For example, we have an account on a weekly pay basis, and though he calls here for parts, and wishes them delivered "right away," that bill never gets paid on time. Then we have to get corporate approval to place more items on his account.

I Understand about money being tight in this period, but ultimately, we are here to run a business. I am sure he doesn't allow work to leave his shop unless it's paid in full, so why should we budge consistently on his bill? Were it a once in a while thing, no problem, but consistently is an issue.

That's only one example of how sometimes a customer can go a bit too far in the hopes of good customer service, and it becomes about taking advantage...

You know, don't mistake my kindness for weakness kind of thing?

avatar   Gabe   star   5/18/2010   3:51 PM

Sorry guys I am posting again, but I solved my own problem. Next time I look up caravan brakes. I will pause at that question and say, "Sir I am going to ask you a question, and I actually need an answer. I understand you need front brakes. But I swear to god if you answer I only want front brakes. I will literally throw you out of my store!"

I can't do that with the headlights though. I have already warned people to pull the right bulb, and told them which one it was, and they still didn't get it right.

So I just need to come to grips with the fact that part of the population are complete utter morons.

avatar   Jonah Hex   star   5/18/2010   3:42 PM

We can indeed solve the immigration issue here, and it's called Colt .45. Now where is Turnbull?

avatar   Gabe   star   5/18/2010   3:30 PM

Ben- I focus on my customers first everytime. Some of them, very few but some are lucky I don't say what I am thinking.

But seriosuly on a caravan that has different front pads depending on if it is rear drum or disc. When you ask that person, "Is it rear drum or disc?" Then they reply like god just instilled a lifetime of mechanical knowledge they didn't have a second ago. In their upset snotty voice. "Well I am not looking for rear brakes. I said front!" That is grounds for me to jump over the counter, and beating some common sense into them.

Because you came to me! I am here to help you. If I ask you a question there is a reason, and it wasn't because I wasn't listening. Things like that over and over again is what ****** us off.

Along with the lazy person who comes in and very angrily says, "You gave me the wrong bulb. I wanted a low beam light, and you gave me the high beam!" As he holds a 9005 in his hand. That is when you feel like saying, "No you are a lazy idiot! You saw the easy to get to bulb, and it just had to be the low beam! But in reality you pulled the high beam!"

But it doesn't matter because some of them will even argue that point and that you are still wrong. Screw the customer you respect me I respect you. You are a know it all genius, and think I am some numb nuts kid behind the counter who couldn't know cars. I havbe no time for you, and I am ringing you out and getting you out as fast as I can.

avatar   Elijah   star   5/18/2010   1:49 PM

Of all the wasteful things that cost tax payers money Jay, illegal immigrants are a ways down the list. Not that I support illegal immigration, but racial profiling is not right either Arizona. Rest assured the new law will be challenged by the ACLU and the Supreme court and will likely overturned for being unconstitutional. I understand illegals are a problem, a good start would be a 15-20 ft high border wall lined with razor wire. Let's keep em' out first and foremost.

avatar   Jay   star   5/17/2010   6:29 PM

Just a question for Jess are you an Mexican or an American where you born here or did you come here legally? I don't have a problem with people coming into this country and working on legal terms its the ones that come over here illegally that are the problem. They cost the taxpayers money to feed cloth and health insurance. That is why this law is going into affect. Not for the ones that cross the boarders day in and day out with work release card or get their green card and become legal residents of this country.

avatar   elliott   star   5/17/2010   4:57 PM

Obviously we're not going to solve the immigration issue here. Just take care of your customers regardless of what you think, that's what you're paid to do people. In America there is only one language an it's $. SO make some $.

avatar   Ben   star   5/16/2010   2:45 PM

Enough now children. I do not agree nor disagree with anyone here, but the article was started with the basis of helping OUR customers. There is some valid points on here, as well as some that are just bigotry. Regardless of wether you speak spanish, are of hispanic decent, or deal with a large or small volume of hispanic customers. THE FOCUS SHOULD BE ON OUR CUSTOMERS. And helping them as best we can, even if that means speaking a different language. CUSTOMERS FIRST.

avatar   sergey   star   5/15/2010   7:16 PM

C.S.S. and Sasquatch

difference between you and me that i live in Seattle, and you live in a dream.

Customers call for me, they know me for years, i deliver the very best customer service known in area, people recognize me on the street.

And when i sign my application that you are so swear by, it said that i Will get pay increase every year. Even though it was only 50 cents a year, i sign up for that. And now, because of some corporate crap, i don't get my rise. So how does that motivates me? I guess you right i can work somewhere else, but thats not the point. The point is that people should be appreciated in the way that DM and Big Managers do, money wise. I don't eat air you know. So if something that should be happening is not, i naturally worry about that.

Please tell me where to go get a free brainwash, so i never complaint again.

And with all goals i have hit i received NOTHING for this year.

avatar   tiny   star   5/15/2010   5:55 PM

i love a challenge. I enjoy when customers bring me something difficult to find or something so obscure that i need to be on the phone or on the web for a while looking for it.

don't get me wrong, those brakes for the '82 caprice are nifty to pad the numbers on sales, but the key word in parts specialist is special. anyone can read a book or read a screen to find the spark plugs, wires, cap, and rotor for an '85 chevy 350, but to find the generator for a fairlane or brakes for a kenworth... now, that makes me excited to find. it's less the idea of helping the customer, though that is a large factor, and more the challenge of succeeding.

avatar   Crystal   star   5/14/2010   5:21 PM

True the 1st language was Indian. point is English is the major language spoken here. Hispanics don't just work the fields anymore, quite a few work mechanic tires and here for instance so in a way yea they do take some jobs from some american born ppl. Agree that no matter what language just help them best you can and make the sale thats what it boils down too. It is sad tho that if you do learn Spanish chances are you will get a better paying job for being bilingual.

avatar   Gabe   star   5/14/2010   2:02 PM

By the way don't get me wrong here everyone. I have nothing against hispanic people. I am just saying how do you impower people who don't speak english, because they don't have to, because everything is already in their language.

On the other hand how does the American people take them seriously when they pull out the mexican flag wallet, with their mexican flag sticker all over their window of their car, while marching for their rights carrying a mexican flag.

By the way Jess if hispanics were not doing those jobs. American people would be watch that show on the history channel, "America the story of us" One thing I have seen over and over in that show. Is the American spirit and how this country has always fought and worked hard to achieve amazing things. Granted this country as a whole is lacking that right now. I think Americans feel they are entitled to more and more and more. But our wake up call is here right now, and it will be interesting to see what comes about from our wake up call.

avatar   Gabe   star   5/14/2010   1:43 PM

Tad- I forgot! I hate to admit it, but Ford does seem to be doing pretty well, but is the quality and reliability there. I remember the Ford Focus in import drag racing, along with the Neon they usually would make it to the 60 ft. and then grenade their engines.

avatar   Gabe   star   5/14/2010   1:41 PM

By the way I didn't complain about Hispanics taking my job! I complained about them not learning English. Just like people from other countries come here and think we should take the ten commandments off our judicial buildings. You cam here, you knew we spoke english, you knew the country was founded by christians. Now don't complain, and not adapt because it doesn't suit what you want. You knew what this country was before you came.

By the way my people went through the same crap. Ever seen gangs of New York that is where my ancestors lived when they came here. My last name is even in that movie as the Irishman who runs for sheriff. I get tired of the oh we are so picked on crap! You don't have a right to complain my people were kept down by the English since 500 a.d. and I can't complain, because the jews have been persecuted since they killed Jesus.

Brad---This one is for you! Tiocfiadh ar La

avatar   kaptain amerika   star   5/13/2010   3:42 PM

Sorry jess, No speaka de english, then i have a problem. It's already way too easy for these border jumpers so we as a american country should not have to cater to them at all. If you were to be asked or had to move to a foreign country would you or would you not try and learn the language. It's all about attitude my friend. Nothing about the person.

avatar   disorder   star   5/13/2010   3:36 PM

"doing nothing" does pay, thanks to this great american society. ever heard of unemployment, or disability? from what i understand both are easy to get nowadays

avatar   EMPLOYEE RIGHTS   star   5/13/2010   11:23 AM


avatar   Old School   star   5/12/2010   2:44 PM

Jess you would be correct in the work statement.

I myself (not Hispanic) know what work is.

I started picking tomatoes when I was young.

It's just work. We have poultry plants here, an the white folk think they are above such work.

I worked there in High school.Easier than hauling hay or picking rocks.

PPL that grip about Hispanics taking there jobs are probably the PPL that won't do that job.

Wake up PPL it's called work, just do it.

I really hate it when a person comes in for an app. and he asks what's it pay.

Here's a great idea, WHAT'S DOING NOTHING PAY!!

A goods days work never killed anyone??

I also agree we should learn Shawnee before we learn Spanish, hope that doesn't hurt your feelings any.

avatar   Tad   star   5/12/2010   11:14 AM

Gabe, I think Ford at least is on their way to recovery. 300hp, 31mpg, direct-injected V6 Mustang; 400hp variable timing V8 Mustang; 340(?)hp twin turbo V6 Taurus SHO that looks every bit as sharp as a Lexus. They're definitely headed in the right direction.

avatar   C.S.S. ( As so dubbed by the faithful boardmembers)   star   5/12/2010   10:06 AM

Sergey, I didn't mean to offend you. But, as Sasquatch says, retail is performance/incentive based. IF you do your job WELL, you're going to be compensated, people are going to notice how hard you work, you're going to get promoted because YOU are head and shoulders above the other employees in your store, people are going to start ASKING for you by name on the phone because YOU can take care of them. Not "simply dum" as you so eloquently stated. We, as Countermen/Women, have a job to take care of the customer. Its why we applied and were hired in the first place, not so we could "hold down the counter" because I only make $7.50 an hour. YOU agreed to your wages.

Old School: Agree 100%

We are in a rural/ag market with a major city less than 30 miles away. We see alot of migrant farm workers, mechanics, and the like. Although we don't have a hispanic in our store, they still shop here because we take the time to get them what they want. We don't speak Spanish, (I am fluent) yet we do a great business with our Hispanic customers. Plus, as a bonus, they pay CASH MONEY 90% of the time. NO waiting on checks, credit cards to clear, nothing. You can help them, they just need you to take a little more time with them.

As for my personal thoughts on the matter, I agree 100% with what Arizona is doing. Close the borders, make them come legally, just like my ancestors from County Kilkenny and Bremen, Gremany had to. Gabe hit it right on the head. Want to be treated as an American, march with our flag, not yours, puto.

avatar   Brad   star   5/11/2010   8:01 PM

Think thats bad, try dealing with the Mexicans that get irate and tell you you should learn spanish. I tell them I will if I ever go to Mexico. Being Scottish, I demand all boxes have Gaelic subtitles and an option on the phones that say, "For Gaelic, please press 1"!!!

avatar   Gabe   star   5/11/2010   3:26 PM

I have a coworker who when a Spanish speaking person comes in. He goes, "Gabe why don't you speak spanish to him? You know Spanish it would have been easier to help him?" I tell him, "Because I am not going to enable someone to not have to learn english" I have russian people come in my store. Some don't speak very good English, but sure as hell they go, "How do you say this?"

One of my favorite comedians (who himself is hispanic) said something too. During that hispanic march for rights. He said, "Hispanic people if you want to be taken seriosuly, if you want to be included as an American citizen, you DO NOT march carrying Mexico's flag! When a reporter asks you, "What is the best country in the world?" You DO NOT respond, "MEXICO!"

Nuff said!

As for the japanese cars with American parts. I love GM don't get me wrong I grew up on muscle cars. My family and I have 4 old American cars we take to Back to the 50's car show here in Minnesota.

It is sad to see the Americans cars do not have as much american parts as an import. But honestly they did it to themselves. When the american car companies closed plants in Ohio and left people without jobs. Who stepped in? Honda! Gave all those people jobs again.

When it comes to quality and reliability I will always say Honda first Toyota second.

At least until our American car companies can put us back on the map in an industry we dominated. Until then I support my Honda cars as daily drivers.

I love my old Chev's, but the American car companies have alot of catching up top do.

avatar   Ed   star   5/11/2010   3:01 PM

I once had a customer threaten to no longer do business with us, because he purchased a can of black spray paint that said "negro" on the color label. I tried to explain to him that "negro" is the Spanish word for black, he wanted to know "Why the *%&# is their Spanish on his spray paint can he is purchasing in AMERICA". I really had no politically correct answer for him, so I shrugged, took some white-out and blanked out the offensive Spanish word.

avatar   Tad   star   5/11/2010   1:06 PM

Actually, the US has no "official language." Unofficially, it's English, but not officially. Not saying I disagree with anything being said, but that particular point is not a good supporting argument.

avatar   Jay   star   5/10/2010   6:26 PM

How about the ones that say "Henco en China" or English made in China. You know if you get caught going into other Countries illegally you get branded as a spy and pretty well never heard from again. But in the USA you get free health care, a license, a roof and food stamps. Or get this if you come into this country and start a business for Five Years you do not have to pay taxes on that business. After your five years are up you can close that business and start a new business and have another FIVE YEARS of No Taxes. That Should tell us AMERICANS something think about.

avatar   Gabe   star   5/10/2010   4:41 PM

I watched "America the story of us" last night on History Channel. It was amazing to see the industrial revolution on there. They said that is what launched us into being one of the leading producers of goods in the world. We had supplied 30% of the worlds goods.

I think we need to get back to that. I have a Ford Ranger delivery truck that is 68% american content. My fiancee and I looked at the new Honda Fit's and they are 92% american content. What's wrong there? The japanese car is more american than the american car.!?

I am tired of looking at sand backs that have the word axle on them spelled axel! I am tired of power steering hose from Checker that said, "Made in Isreal!" I am also tired of having everything in Spanish.

I respect the Hispanic culture and people. But! I do not agree with catering to their language barrier. All of us were immigrants once. When your ancestors came there wasn't german, or italian on every box, every phone didn't have you pressing 1 for English.

If you cater to them they have no reason to learn English.

Sorry guys! All that came from that americans gettign jobs stimulus comment!

avatar   Barak Obama   star   5/10/2010   1:21 PM

Comment by:

Old School


10:58 AM Stimulus Plan

Show Up


Get Paid

IT'S Easy that way!!

Yes but this does not bring back the economy,. Let me clarify this....,.(looks down at teleprompter) the redistribution of wealth I speak of will create new jobs that people can be laid off from. Jobs that appear in other countries as our manufacturere leave the country in droves. (looks again at teleprompter, adjusts lapel on suit coat so it's just right) We need to believe in hope and change. change that is real, change that is permanent, change that our children's children will enjoy paying for.

avatar   SASQUATCH   star   5/10/2010   10:01 AM

sergey, if you really think your performance should be based on your pay, you shouldn't work retail. your pay is based on your performance. if every one got what they thought they were worth we would all be rich! what it comes down to is, you have a job to do, you get paid to do that job, do it to the best of your ability. weather you think you are worth more or not. if you won't do your job, someone else will. believe me i think i'm worth more than i make but i still do the best i can do every day that i come to work.

avatar   Gabe   star   5/9/2010   3:29 PM


avatar   sergey   star   5/8/2010   6:48 PM


Not how much PAY you think you are required to perform your job. You signed the application. Just do your job. Take care of your customer.

Simply dum

avatar   BluEyeDevil   star   5/8/2010   2:38 PM

I (Gabe) guess I must have got banned from posting on here.

Sasquatch-That is nothing I own a personal jet. I flew down to Texas to get a door jamb switch for a Koenigsegg CCX and I didn't even charge him a fuel surcharge.

Seriously though there is common sense in all this. I had a customer come in, and ask me for a door jamb switch for a Saab. I could have flipped through books, and made calls galore. Until I had 50 customers lined up standing in front of me, and phones ringing off the hook. Seriously though I know I don't have it. I saw there was no listing in the computer. I could get it sure from the 1 maybe 2 Saab dealers in this area, but the guy could do the same without the mark up.

So what did I do? Check the metric auto parts or the dealer. It wasn't worth wasting all the time to try to find it. Especially on a busy Saturday with a shorthanded staff.

avatar   SASQUATCH   star   5/7/2010   4:09 PM

Mitch, I agree with C.S.S., and the Kaptain. You have to be willing to do whatever it takes. I turned a skiddish $800 a month customer into a $2500 customer just because I would shop dealers and competition while I had him on the phone. If you tell your customer to go fishing, you can bet they'll find a better catch than you. C.S.S. mentioned fetching dealer parts to save a sale. I work in Austin Tx, and if you've been here before you know how far you have to go to get somewhere and how horrific the traffic can be. I've been known to send my driver on a 2 hour run to a dealer and get it to my customer, and the dealer billed the customer directly. How's that for service?

avatar   Ryan's Kid   star   5/7/2010   12:05 PM

Ill just send them somewhere else

avatar   Tad   star   5/7/2010   11:51 AM

I completely agree. While I don't make a habit of calling dealerships for parts for a commercial account (which the customer will certainly call if I can't find a listing for something), I will call every other available source for those hard to find parts. You have to show that you care about the customer's business, otherwise they'll go somewhere else that does care.

Now, if I can just get my coworkers to learn how to take care of customers...

avatar   Customer Service Specialist   star   5/7/2010   10:26 AM

Mitch, its a fairly simple proposition. You take care of your customer, and the customer takes care of you. If you tell the customer, "Just keep fishin'" You are the one who is going to end up smelling like stinkbait. What this does is A) Make your customer think, "Do they really care about my business?" and B) Makes it VERY easy for your competition to say, "Well, I don't have those shocks in stock, but let me call my warehouse and see if I can get them for you." Every store I have ever worked in, be it dealership parts (driving across town to save a sale), aftermarket parts (outside purchases), pbe (colormatching a 2 inch square off of a 57 Henway Rooster) whatever, YOU have to take care of YOUR customer, or your COMPETITION will. That is what makes YOU extraordinary. Not how much PAY you think you are required to perform your job. You signed the application. Just do your job. Take care of your customer.

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