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A customer has a 2002 Toyota Sequoia that needs an idler pulley, and all of the parts that I have looked up have grooves. But the customer’s part is smooth with one lip on each side. What’s the deal?


That is very common in our parts world. However, the manufacturer you use should have a spec book that you can measure the old pulley and find something that can be used. The lip on each side is not necessary for most vehicles because the tensioner pulley will keep the belt from moving around.

—Gerald Wheelus
Edgewood Auto Parts #253, Edgewood, Texas
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avatar   SSGT. Gallo   star   5/19/2010   2:53 PM

A counterperson is only as good as the book behind them. Sometimes the digital lookup is at fault, and if you are unsure of a particular part, take the extra seconds to look in the book. Gerald is right, though, if you are listed the wrong part, you may want to measure, and go to the spec. section of your catalog. After you have gotten the right part for your customer, make a note of what you have found, and stow that with your book for future reference. (In the page for that particular vehicle.) Then notify your person in charge of your electronic catalog, and bring it to their attention that they may have a wrong listing as well, this will save headaches for any of your fellow teammates at other stores.

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