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Bendix Training Team Develops Comprehensive Hybrid Brake Service Class


According to J.D. Power reports, hybrid vehicles are expected to account for approximately 7 percent of the car market by 2015.
TROY, Mich. — To address the growing number of hybrid vehicles making their way into the aftermarket’s independent repair shops, the Bendix Training Team has developed a comprehensive program called the Hybrid Brake Service Class.

According to J.D. Power reports, hybrid vehicles are expected to account for approximately 7 percent of the car market by 2015. And, though brake maintenance isn’t needed as often on hybrids due to regenerative braking, it’s critical that proper maintenance and repair procedures are followed.

The all-new Bendix Hybrid Brake Service Class is designed to give shops an advantage in the marketplace. It will cover basic hybrid operation, hydraulic system and ABS operation on the Gen 1 Civic, Prius Gen II and Ford Escape 2005-2007 models.

“This course is designed to address basic brake operation and repair on hybrids,” said Jim Kelley, Director of Sales, North America for Friction Materials LLC, “but will also cover the opportunities that will come with hybrid repair and help ensure shops are ready for this technology.”

The objectives of the seminar will give techs and repair shops the ability to:

·Work on vehicles with high voltage battery packs using proper safety precautions.
·Understand how a hybrid vehicle operates.
·Know the base hydraulic, ABS and Regenerative braking strategies used in a hybrid vehicle.
·Service and bleed the hybrid base brake system.
·Have the proper diagnostic and service tools available.
The three-hour course - which is led by Chuck Kennedy, Technical Training Manager and Bendix Answerman for Friction Materials LLC - was already presented to a group of 236 technicians.

“Both the WD host and the techs who attended it gave us tons of great feedback,” said Kennedy. “This class is a great addition to our current roster and should be for years to come, especially as hybrids continue to grow in popularity.”

Distributors and shop customers interested in learning more should contact their Friction Materials sales representative or email  

Friction Materials LLC, a business unit of Honeywell International Inc., is headquartered in Glinde, Germany. Serving both original equipment and aftermarket customers, products offered include Bendix and Jurid friction materials and hard parts. For more information, log on to
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avatar   Mark Phillips   star   6/4/2010   11:56 AM

Anytime Crystal!

Hope you like the magazine and thanks for coming to the website... take care

avatar   Crystal   star   6/4/2010   11:48 AM

Thanks Mark. makes sense. appreciate it.

avatar   Mark Phillips   star   6/4/2010   8:17 AM

Hi Crystal - here's an explanation of regenerative braking, courtesy of Glen Beanard, who writes for our sister publication, Brake & Front End.

Take care - Mark

Regenerative Braking

A hybrid vehicle recharges the high voltage battery through use of regenerative braking. “Energy can not be created or destroyed. It can only be transformed from one form to another.” We all heard that one in science class I’m sure. In the case of conventional friction brakes, energy of motion (kinetic energy) is being transformed into heat energy, via friction, and then dissipated into the air. With regenerative braking, instead of just wasting that energy by releasing it into the air, we are going to take it and place it in a box in the back of the car and save it as stored energy. Later, that stored energy will be converted back into kinetic energy that we will pour back into the body of the car.

On a hybrid vehicle, the brake pedal acts as more of human interface to the ABS module for a request for braking. Regenerative braking is the hybrid’s first choice for braking. The ABS module “tells” the PCM or TCM (model year dependent), that a request for brakes have been made and how much braking is desired. The PCM or TCM, then applies regenerative braking, via the traction motor inside the transmission, as needed. More regenerative braking increases the amount of electrical charge generated for the HV battery at the same time it produces more drag to slow the vehicle down. During many light braking events, the rear friction brakes will be lightly applied and the front may not be applied at all until the vehicle is at a stop or near stop. For this reason, it is normal for a hybrid to wear the rear brake pads two and three times faster than the front pads.

avatar   nic   star   6/3/2010   2:34 PM

thank you aces wild and team player that was more help then jimmy

avatar   Crystal   star   6/3/2010   2:19 PM

Poor nic ask a simple question and look what you get..u guys will probably have a field day w my question. WHAT IS REGENERATIVE BRAKING? I'm serious. Ive asked the guys and I get an answer in question other words they are not sure but wanted to sound good w their answer.

avatar   Team Player   star   5/30/2010   3:51 PM

Dont forget about the oil by-pass on those cars.. they make it so the oil stays clean, and you dont wast money on filters by bypassing them, so you only need to buy 1

avatar   Aces Wild   star   5/28/2010   6:03 PM

Eh, they're good for long term drives, but they lack alot of space required for most traveling, although most vehicles these days do. But if you're interested in one, go for it, won't know if you like it until you try it. Ignore Jimmy, the only things that need to be watched for are the battery cells and the overall condition. It's like most new cars, keep it running and keep it running well.

avatar   jimmy   star   5/25/2010   9:42 PM

Yes the sure do. You gotta be careful though hybrids are terrible about burning through blinker fluid. And you can't keep a muffler bearing on one. They are great cars and get great mileage though, especially when your flux capacitor is tuned properly. I would say get one but stock up on blinker fluid.

avatar   nic   star   5/19/2010   3:42 PM

i head that the hybrids get very high milage is this true i want to know cause if it does then i kinda wanna get one so my girlfriend and i can travel to chicago to visit her family that she hasnt seen in a long time

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