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Autologue Unveils New Fleet Survey Function on ePartConnection System


CYPRESS, Calif. – Technicians accessing jobber or WD inventories through Autologue Computer System’s ePartConnection now have the ability to create lists of parts for specific vehicles with the addition of “Fleet Survey.”

A technician that services a fleet for his customer can now build a list of parts by vehicle or piece of industrial equipment for commonly ordered parts to have on hand when a vehicle comes in for service. In the past, a garage would get hand-written lists from each manufacturer detailing parts used on a specific vehicle, with each manufacturer supplying his own list. Technicians working on multiple fleets would commonly have hundreds of these lists to search. The new Fleet Survey functionality is unique to each technician logging in to ePartConnection and is extremely easy to create, according to Autologue. Fleet Survey is even adaptable to the DIY mechanic, listing the vehicles he commonly works on, such as family or personal vehicles.

Fleet Survey simplifies for technicians the process of creating the parts lists and also eliminates repetitive phone calls to the jobber or WD for the same parts, time after time. Fleet Survey also takes the creation of these lists out of the Jobber’s hands and lets the end-user be responsible for which parts it contains. ePart allows the technician to simply create a list by vehicle for everything he might need, then save it under a heading for that particular vehicle. He can also add items from the Non-Cataloged Parts and Accessories section such as oil, antifreeze and any other items used regularly, but not available in make, model and year lookup.

Recently, Art Kramer, owner of Skeeter’s Automotive in Cypress, Calif., commented, “I have a core group of fleet customers whose vehicles I service regularly, and with ePart’s Fleet Survey I cut my parts ordering process by about 90 percent. I simply select the vehicle I’m working on, and order the parts I need from a pre-configured list for the particular service I’m performing, rather than using the paper notebook compiled for me by manufacturers …ePart is so easy to use and so fast, I order what I need in seconds from the pre-configured list in Fleet Survey and go back to work on the vehicle. I used to spend a lot of time looking up the same parts for the same vehicles, but now it’s already done for me, as well as giving me correct pricing and current quantity on hand. Thanks Autologue, and keep up the good work!”

Fleet Survey is currently available in ePartConnection.

For information about ePartConnection, contact Autologue Computer Systems at 800-722-1113.

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