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One Stop Parts Source Integrates New Autologue Information Dashboard at Point of Sale Terminals


SANTA ANA, Calif. – This month, Autologue Computer Systems released the first generation of its “Information Dashboard” solution, which is being tested by One Stop Parts Source, based in Santa Ana, Calif.

Fred Myers, CEO of One Stop, said, “This will revolutionize the way information is shared among all my counter employees at the point of sale terminals. This can only help improve relationships between One Stop and our customers. We’ve always wanted a method to gather information about our customers to streamline the ordering process, and to show them we care about the details, both personal and business. This new Dashboard will set us apart from our competition. When they call us we can make them feel important because we know about their business and personal details”.

One Stop will deploy this solution in its corporate warehouse locations, to run in conjunction with their AIS Inventory Management system. The Dashboard will provide individualized information about the customer’s business, such as hours of operation, who can and can’t sign for parts, delivery locations and any other details specified by One Stop management. There is also a section for personal information such as personal vehicles, birthdays, and hobbies. These items are created by management in a customizable template that is used for all customers. This information can then be modified for each customer by counter personnel. There is also another section for Corporate Information, used to pass information on company business or activities to all employees.

The Dashboard uses a GUI interface within the jobber’s/WD’s existing point of sale screen. This makes this product suitable for use with virtually any inventory management system currently in use in the automotive aftermarket, Autologue says.

For more information, contact Autologue Computer Systems at 800-722-1113.

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