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Stop Premature Power Steering System Failure

CARDONE’s new MagnaPure In-Line Power Steering Filters (Part# 20-0038F) can prevent debris from harming the steering system and causing expensive repairs and comebacks. Installation of a CARDONE MagnaPure In-Line Filter upgrades a standard reman power steering pump warranty to Limited Lifetime. CARDONE MagnaPure In-Line Power Steering Filters fit all 3/8-inch hose applications. Each filter is constructed of high-grade aluminum, traps debris with a serviceable magnetic filter element and only requires 1 inch of space to install. for reader service
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avatar   Blackrifle   star   8/15/2010   2:52 AM

Contact your A1-Cardone WD or Jobber for price and availability. Retail availability at Rock Auto, O'Reilly's-Kragen, PepBoys, AutoZone etc.

avatar   Kurt Johnson   star   6/28/2010   9:21 PM

Who sells the in-line power steering filter?

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