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Gates Corp. Supports Top Contenders in the NHRA Full Throttle Drag Racing Series Finals


The Dragsters’ 7,000-Horsepower Engines Are Powered by Gates Poly Chain Belts.
DENVER, Colo. — Gates Corp., a leading manufacturer of industrial and automotive products, will supply high-performance synchronous belts to drivers and crews competing in the National Hot Rod Association’s Full Throttle Drag Racing Series world championship finals, held Nov. 11-14 in Pomona, Calif.

Powering Tony Schumacher’s and other top contenders’ 7,000-horsepower engines are Gates Poly Chain GT belts. Schumacher, who will vie for his seventh straight Top Fuel Championship title in the U.S. Army dragster, said that Gates belts have never failed him. “It’s one piece of equipment I can always count on,” he stated. “Nothing else compares.”

Often used in industrial applications as an alternative to conventional chain, the Poly Chain belts are clean, lightweight, long lasting and virtually maintenance free. Their carbon fiber tensile cord construction offers power transmission drives high horsepower carrying capacity and compactness.

The belts, which generate power and spin the dragsters’ blowers, have proven their strength on the track for many years. They endure relentless oscillations as the engine’s cylinders fire and withstand extreme loads when motors or crank shafts aren’t running smoothly.

For videos and information about Gates engineering for the NHRA, visit and learn more about Gates Poly Chain GT Carbon belts at

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