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Affinia Group Unveils World Smart Strategy


The World Smart direction assures consistent product quality regardless of where a product is manufactured globally, according to the company.
ANN ARBOR, Mich. — Affinia Group Inc. has unveiled its new “World Smart” business philosophy, which the company says emphasizes a unique transformational approach to global manufacturing. Affinia said during the past six years it has taken control of its global supply chain with an innovative approach to global commerce.

The World Smart direction assures consistent product quality regardless of where a product is manufactured globally, according to the company.

“Anyone can go off-shore and source low-cost aftermarket products,” said Affinia President and CEO Terry McCormack, who unveiled the strategy during the recent AAPEX trade show in Las Vegas. “As a World Smart company, Affinia not only manufactures competitively priced products off-shore, we do so in a manner that assures the highest possible quality. This is the ‘smart’ portion of “World Smart.”

According to McCormack, Affinia’s World Smart business strategy is based on four key strategic elements – customer-centric focus, involved Affinia people, continual improvement and supplier relationships. The World Smart model vertically integrates manufacturing from product development to distribution. Affinia says it has invested substantially since its formation in 2004 to leverage each of these strategic elements for the benefit of Affinia customers.

“Our World Smart business model signifies to our customers, our people, our investors and our trade partners that Affinia Group is dedicated to participating in global commerce in a responsible and sustainable manner,” he said. “Ultimately, the benefits are focused on our customers and the end users of our products.”

When Affinia Group was formed in December 2004 from the aftermarket business units of Dana Corp., the company was largely a North American focused company. Through a comprehensive global transformation, Affinia today manufactures products in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe, Asia and India.

“Our World Smart model is anchored by Affinia people and based on the recognition that the next great idea for our company and our customers could originate anywhere in the world just as easily as it could in North America,” McCormack said.

“Collaboration among Affinia people today is occurring across time zones and geographic borders,” he continued. “With great minds working around the clock, all around the globe, continual improvement has become a way of life for us.”
In addition to a focus on globally competitive, high-quality manufacturing, the Affinia World Smart business strategy also emphasizes respect for diversity of languages, cultures and ways of life. Operational sustainability and environmental stewardship are central elements in Affinia’s global approach.

“Our World Smart model is a natural extension of our commitment to being a purpose-driven company,” McCormack said. “Everywhere we do business, our World Smart focus enhances how we manufacture and support our products, offer our services and enrich relationships with people in the workplace and beyond.”

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