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WAIglobal to Utilize Talking Pictures, Solenium Group’s Content Management System


TORONTO – Solenium Group, a provider of technology solutions and services to the automotive aftermarket, has announced that WAIglobal has selected Talking Pictures as its aftermarket content management system (CMS).

In order to expand its business in the aftermarket, WAIglobal said it needed a CMS that could quickly and easily produce PIES and ACES data satisfying trading partner requirements and also have the capacity to be the central repository for all the company’s part and application data.

WAIglobal also needed a CMS that could provide assistance in managing large quantities of digital assets and allow the company to publish searchable product catalogs online.

According to Solenium Group, Talking Pictures satisfied all of WAIglobal’s key CMS requirements and also provides the ability to manage OE data, VIO information, digital assets and bill of materials.

Tom Burns, VP of marketing at WAIglobal, said, “Talking Pictures allows us to expand our business in the aftermarket quickly. It will also help us increase efficiencies, minimize data duplication and significantly reduce operating costs. In addition, Talking Pictures will expand the capabilities of the Lester online and paper catalog product offering.”

Ryan Champney, product information and application research manager at WAIglobal, added, “With Talking Pictures, we can now aggregate data we have scattered in multiple systems into one central system. This will allow us to easily provide our trading partners the data they request, generating new sales for WAI.”

Chris Nierintz, director of business development for Solenium, said, “We are very happy to be working with the WAIglobal group of companies including Lester. We look forward to helping WAI expand its aftermarket business.”

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