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Veyance Technologies Offers GatorGauge Inspection Tool for Serpentine Belts


AKRON, Ohio — In line with its ongoing mission to provide customers with “Great Products, Great Service and Innovative Solutions,” Veyance Technologies, the automotive aftermarket supplier of Goodyear Engineered Products, has released a new tool to help technicians inspect serpentine belts.

Introduced by Goodyear Engineered Products manufacturer Veyance Technologies, the GatorGauge tool is a three-in-one inspection solution allowing technicians to quickly and accurately assess belt wear when determining if it needs to be replaced, according to the company.

The tool is made specifically for use with the company’s Gatorback brand, which is tested each week under the hoods of every NASCAR vehicle. GatorGauge’s unique design measures rib wear, rib cracks and belt thickness in a matter of seconds, the company notes.

“Today’s serpentine belts are exposed to all kinds of adversity,” said Veyance’s aftermarket marketing manager Tory Perren. “Heat, debris and friction are a part of normal wear and tear that can cause a belt to crack and eventually break, leaving a motorist stranded roadside.”

The tool is designed specifically for the type of wear experienced by new EPDM belts, according to Veyance. The supplier says development of the tool illustrates its dedication to safety and proper precautions in automotive belt replacement. Online technical instructions are also provided with a URL printed on each tool:

“We continue to do our best to offer the best quality aftermarket parts out there, but also want to give our customers more than just great products,” said Perren. “GatorGauge is just one of the innovative solutions we’ve made available to auto technicians over the past year.”

In addition to the GatorGauge tool, the Goodyear Engineered Products manufacturer also offers instructional belt replacement videos on YouTube.

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